Terraria: Will Developers Be Able To Meet Content Demands?

Terraria released early, and many people are having a great deal of fun with it. Some have told stories of intense sessions that last longer than a workday at a time. That said, some of those same people have already maxed out their characters and are forced to either start anew, or begin extremely creative building projects because they have already accomplished the major objectives of the game. (Boss fights, best armor/weapons/accessories, etc.)

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moaradin2922d ago

The great thing about it being a simple 2D game is that it allows the developers to easily add in content. The game is the # 1 selling game on steam with almost no marketing. I think they would want to support the game and add in new content.

Dougz_G2922d ago

As much as i want new content i feel that them making the current items more rarer would keep the game alive longer for new buyers, it just felt way to easy to get the best stuff. Hell, i'm even starting fresh but i'm limiting myself to certain items just so it stays a challenge.

Chewy1022922d ago

The only problem I have so far is the the fact they made it with XNA.

Iv been trying for 3 days now to get XNA 4.0 installed.