PCN : L.A. Noire Review; Possibly Game of the Year

PCN: "What happens when you take state of the art facial animation technology and combine it with the brains of Team Bondi and Rockstar? Well you get what is possibly the 2011 Game of the Year champ. Yes it is extremely early to be making such a prediction, but that is just how awesome this game is. Perhaps Rockstar saw the potential in detective based titles when Heavy Rain came out?"

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Kran2920d ago

Honestly, its a great game, and I am enjoying it.

But something doesnt feel right. What I have played (and im half way through the game) doesnt feel like it will get many Game of the Year's.

The AI driving (when theres dialogue) is horrendous. The amount of times they've suddenly "crashed". The motion technology is alright. It doesnt really match the facial technology. Dont get me wrong, the facial technology is great, but I just dont feel like their facial expressions match with their motions.

The gameplay is also slightly repetitive.

TheLastGuardian20102920d ago

Um if Heavy Rain won goty (by many outlets), and is just AS flawed if not MORE SO than L.A Noire, then I don't see why it couldn't.....>.>

DatNJDom812920d ago

Wait what? Are you serious? Tell me ur joking.

gaffyh2920d ago

Heavy Rain had a few plot holes, but not as many glitches as LA Noire.

Personally, I hate pretty much every Rockstar game, honestly. I've always tried GTAs, but hate them. RDR was ok to keep me interested for a little longer, but I haven't gone back to it in a while. But LA Noire is different, it's the only R* game that I think I will actually finish, it's amazing. It definitely deserves GOTY more than MW3, which I'm sure many sites will give it to.

dirtrider2920d ago

all games are slightly repetetive....funny you say a multiplat is repetetive...but bow down to infamous 2

ASTAROTH2920d ago

Ohh you played inFAMOUS2 then?? Nice.

dirtrider2919d ago

didnt say i played infamous 2, but if its half as repetetive as infamous 1, ill wait for a price drop.

ASTAROTH2920d ago

Definately not GOTY. It really deserves being nominated though. Its one of this years best and most innovative games Ive played. It has great graphics, incredible sound, plays well and have lots of things on it that made it special but I dont think it is going to win GOTY with all the games that are still to come out. . . One thing is for sure and that is (to me at least) that this year has been so far the best year for gaming!!!. The most important thing is that it is only half the year... lots of good games coming...HELL YEAHH!!!

RedDevils2920d ago

Then MW2 is the most repetitive out of them all

NewZealander2920d ago

i agree, im finding it really repetitive, the controls are pretty bad also, chase scenes and driving are especially bad, so is the camera actually.

i like the facial expressions, but sometimes they just don't seem to blend with the characters emotions quite well enough.

the game is just too slow for me, its a great idea for a game, but i don't think they pulled it off, really the reviews are over hyping it.

KingofGambling2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I agree with your statement

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LiamIRL822920d ago

The amount of smoke being blown up this game's ass is incredible. It's not as good as the reviews would have you believe. I wish I had rented it before I wasted my money.

Neckbear2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm quite sure, had it not "Rockstar Games" on the cover, reviewers would be much, much more harsh with it. And so would the general consensus.

Damned sheeple, I tell you.

trounbyfire2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I know R* gets a pass like no one else. GTA4 sucked and the re skinned it in RDR and people go crazy. "its a horse"

are you F*cking kidding me, i am tired of open world games and GTA4 burned me bad so I am not buying R* until they redeemed their bread and butter.

portal, LAN these are GOTY contenders...super weak year

rabidpancakeburglar2920d ago

I disagree with your point about reviewers being much, much more harsh as it is a good concept for a game but I agreed with you for the use of the word 'sheeple'

nopunctuation2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

EDIT sorry replied to the wrong person. Please ignore and delete if possible.

RedDevils2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm not sure why you guys hating on this game,just because it getting good reviews doesn't mean you have to seek attention and say something complete opposite will make you look cool, but seriously everyone had their own game taste, not everyone will like it, just like UC2 not everyone like it but did it stop from getting the most awards or Goty? NO!

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nopunctuation2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"I'm quite sure, had it not "Rockstar Games" on the cover, reviewers would be much, much more harsh with it."
Youre saying that all rockstar games get a free pass? This isnt freaking mario here. Look at midnight club games or manhunt 2 and you will see that not all rockstar games are critically acclaimed. People need to stop giving big name companies shit for no good reason. That type of cynicism is just annoying.

keith-ps32920d ago

trounbyfire gta4 only sucked to ppl who have played the gta's befor the younger kids i can see why they got it and loved it but it was nothing new rdr i rented it played it for a hour took it back i want to try this but block buster closed down mad that it only takes 12- 20 hours to beat

TheLastGuardian20102920d ago

No offense but that's your OPINION. Just how reviews are other people's OPINIONS.

Personally I think it's a great game. Flawed? Oh, defintly. But I think it's the fact that I can boldly say that I've yet to ever play a game like this, ever, means a lot to me. In an industry where risk is rarely taken, and fps rule the plateu it's nice to see a game like L.A Noire be released.

Defintly a "Diamond in the rough" in my eyes. Flawed, but still a great game at it's core.

AlexCage2920d ago

Wow. Because of gamers like you developers dare not to take risks.

JasonBloodbourne2920d ago

Finally someone on my wavelength!! i hate the way the press is sucking this games arse! it ain't that good and i wish i'd rented now as well!

NewZealander2920d ago

luckily i did rent it, i was going to buy it outright, but im glad i didn't now.

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Rybakov2920d ago

noooope....but maybe one of the sub-categories

nopunctuation2920d ago

A lot of people were iffy about RDR calling it grand theft horse and whatnot but then it got GOTY and people stopped complaining. I think that there wont be a clear cut GOTY because of all the blockbuster titles coming out. It isnt like 2009 when Uncharted 2 came out and there was nothing to really compete with it. This year is filled with stellar titles the lieks of which weve never seen and this will be a pretty hard choice in terms of GOTY.

MysticStrummer2920d ago

I'm really enjoying the game, but GotY? No.

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