Reconsidering Mafia II in the Lights of L.A. (Kotaku)

Kotaku writes: In the runup to the game's release last year, Mafia II's development studio and publicity team tried, with limited success, to set reasonable expectations of the game. "It isn't Grand Theft Auto," Kotaku was told, more than once, in emails and in the game's review notes.

The talking point reflects the popular expectation, built over a decade of Grand Theft Auto releases and numerous imitators, that open-world games necessarily meant a sandbox. In popular expectation, they'd come to mean large maps littered with side quests and diversions, and key story missions that could be triggered out of order. This is especially true of crime thrillers, and absolutely true if they were major releases.

But it wasn't true of Mafia II, by a longshot, and it was beat up pretty bad for not being something it never said it was.

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earbus2919d ago

Me too the music fashion cars my family was visiting and all sat around listening to the radio was like being transported the older folks loved the music just turned off the tv and listened through the speakers.

Tachyon_Nova2919d ago

You really need to learn how to use punctuation, it completely changes the reading of something. As it stands your comment makes minimal sense at best.

On topic, I bought Mafia 2 during the Steam 2K sale and have just started playing it. I'm up to Chapter 11 and so far I'm loving it. The story and characters are really engaging, cars are fun to drive, shooting/combat is excellent etc. All in all an underrated gem if you ask me. Needless to say I disagree with the guys below me who think the gameplay is average, it is easily twice as good as GTA4's and so much smoother.

earbus2919d ago

You need to stop being a grammar nazi as it stands youre comment comes across arrogant and asshole like.

BeOneWithTheGun2918d ago

@earbus. He was a little flip about it but I have to agree with him. When your comment is harder to read than something from Google Translate it is indeed time to take an English class.

reddeadite2919d ago

I liked Mafia II. Great story, average gameplay, but that doesn't make it bad game at all.

Quagmire2919d ago

Thats the great thing about single player games, as long as the story is good, people are willing to play average gameplay just to find out the end of the story.

andron2918d ago

Mafia 2 was very good. Interesting story and fun gameplay. Only thing I really felt let it down was that there was little replay value.

They tried with the trophies/achievements, but the one where you have to collect 159 wanted posters is not the way do it. Also the DLC was a let down. The Joe story one should have been included in the game, it would have made it a much more complete package...