Movies For Gamers Pt.1

It’s common knowledge that movies of video game franchises have been largely terrible. Though there is the occasional exception, none could be considered classics.

On the other side of the coin many games borrow quite heavily from movies. We’re talking everything from a few choice lines or minor plot points all the way through possible plagiarism. Fact of the matter is though, if you like certain action and horror games there’s likely a movie or two that will be right up your street. It may even do what your favourite games do better than the games themselves!

Here's a list of movie recommendations...

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ardivt2921d ago

jacobs ladder is so amazing. they should make a decent game with such a interesting story, not crap like shellshock 2

floetry1012921d ago

I'm surprised by the amount of people that have played Silent Hill and HAVEN'T seen Jacob's Ladder. I think there are some crazy parallels with them.

ChrisPriestman2921d ago

Oh man, I saw the pic and went "YES!"
I love Jacob's ladder, some freaky shit in that film :D
And then the ending makes it all so clear....(pleasurable sigh)

For those that haven't seen it but like the idea of freaky stuff, I recommend this as a little teaser:

mixelon2921d ago

Jacobs Ladder is a total classic.

First time one of my posts here has got comments. :D now just needs more approvals. *crosses fingers*

gorebago2921d ago

The good, the bad and the ugly seems like it would make an excellent game.

I would have chose Invasion of the Body Snatchers over The Faculty. That movie is terrible.

mixelon2921d ago

I think if someone likes Obscure they'd probably like The Faculty due to them being so similar in so many ways. Campy b movie horror-lite.

70s version of Invasion of the body snatchers is a much better movie though thats for sure. :)

gorebago2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I liked the fac when I was in high school and watched years later. I hated it. I find I feel that way towards everything non-gaming that I liked back in the day though.

I just watched the Don Sutherland version of body snatchers on netflix instant and loved it.

I never played obscure. I'm sure you're correct in your comparisons. I think both Fact and Invas are pretty similar though.