Ratings Reveal: Kinect Me, Fusion: Genesis, Crimson Alliance Coming To Xbox 360

The Australian Classification Board has been a great resource for finding information about games prior to their reveal, and today's update is no different -- three games for the Xbox 360 have been revealed, possibly showing us what we're up for during E3.

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Jumper093892d ago

kinect kinect kinect :((
oh microsoft :(

Menech3892d ago

Successful troll is unsuccessful.

SuperLupe3892d ago

How do you know that Fusion: Genesis and Crimson Alliance are for Kinect ?

m233892d ago

These are 3 of the games that the leak mentioned. The one that said there will be 10 new IPs for Kinect named these games specifically as well, which means that rumour may have some truth to it.

lochdoun3889d ago

Crimson Skies sequel!!!