inFamous 2 Gets Leaked

One lucky gamer has managed to get his hands on an inFamous 2 retail copy.

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Shanks3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I hope he wont leak it to torrents ¬_¬

CynicalVision3413d ago ShowReplies(9)
MAJ0R3413d ago

don't the games that are released have an updated firmware preventing that?

Nitrowolf23413d ago

Yup, expect this one to be no difference. LA Noir had it (though recent update changed that), Portal 2, and expect this one to be no different.

Blaze9293413d ago

there are ways to get around updates they put on the disc though. I mean, just look at PSP Games...

Andronix3413d ago

In the UK many retail stores get dummy boxes 2-3 weeks before the release of a game. The boxes are obviously empty, but they help stimulate interest as customers come over pick them up and hopefully pre-order.

The picture of the 'leak' does not include a shot of the actual game disc, or a video with unseen footage, eg a play through of the first level. It's just a pic of the front cover that was previously available on the blog. No need to worry as it's only 3 weeks until the full game is out!

SpaceSquirrel3413d ago

This is the American version

Soldierone3413d ago

@above Gamestop does the same thing...Walk into one and look at their Pre-order area. Most of them will be actual game cases, or Gamestop cases, with the cover art in them. However they will be completely empty.

If you know the people, they will let you have one without a problem.

Oxymoron0283413d ago

I do agree with you, but at the same time it has the sticker on the case for the uncharted 3 beta. Display cases dont usually have those sort of stickers on them?

Unless it's a graphic that is actually on the cover of the game itself?

TheBeast3413d ago

@SpaceSquirell It is definitly a Canadian version...

rdgneoz33413d ago

@Oxymoron028 It probably is on the cover itself and not a sticker. A quick look and Socom 4's Resistance beta early access and a premiere pack thing for MS:A were both on the cover and not stickers.

Dee_913413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

i remember when before gran turismo came out the gamestop and best buy up the street had the boxes
and I asked them and they said .. "these are just cases"
i was like can I give you $10 for the case lol
bastard couldve sold it to me :(

but who knows

showing a case dont prove anything let me know when he or she ( judging by the feminine hands << Joke ) post pics of the Blu

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Focker4203413d ago

Ummmm, has InFamous 2 even gone gold yet?? If not then this is fake.

dkgshiz3413d ago

Its coming out in like two weeks. Of course it went gold.

Hagaf223413d ago

It went gold on the 20th and this guy has a full retail copy?

That's the fastest production, shipment and sale ever. /s

Vherostar3413d ago

Meh who cares?? I always get my games before launch day its not hard if you know the right avenues (and no I don't mean piracy I buy my games)

showtimefolks3413d ago

don't leak this to torrents

can't wait like day before e3 and than duke nukeum a few days later time to chew some bubble gum and bring our women back from aliens

nskrishna23413d ago

We gonna faaaind you

We Gonna faaaind you..:P

Mr Logic3412d ago

Who cares about edits? Pic is fake either way.

Mr Logic3412d ago

Thank you phantom disagree.

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supremacy3413d ago

Well he is one lucky guy, june 7 is still a long time away.

SoundGamer3413d ago

You know, I could print out cover art too.

princeofthabay3413d ago

leak and breaking street date are two different things

Prcko3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

and about torent leak,yeah he can,but if you wanna play infamous 2 you need latest firmware,and i don't think hackers hacked last one so....