New Video Game Releases 5/23 – 5/29

RipTen: As summer approaches and thermometers begin to soar, we have yet another release week with sequels galore!

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CrzyFooL2922d ago

Daggerdale looks decent

-Mezzo-2921d ago

I'll be picking Dirt 3 only, And after a few days, it's inFamous 2 time. :D can't wait.

jaredhart2921d ago

Gymkhana and then Electric powered mayhem!

Rearden2921d ago

Dirt 3 for sure. I pre-ordered it, should arrive soon.

Vherostar2921d ago

Crappest week of releases so far this year?? It's definitely up there!

jaredhart2921d ago

There have been far worse...believe me.

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