Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Review [VGB]

VGB: "The game is great fun. The humour is spot on, condensing every part of the main films into easy to digest hilarious portions of pirate fun. Its got all the scope and extras of a massive game that could easily take most about 50 hours of gaming to collect everything!"

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sarshelyam2925d ago

...having a blast, but I can't help but feel that both this and LEGO Star Wars III were both a bit rushed. I've experienced more freezes and glitching on these two releases than the entirety of the LEGO series has presented since the first release.

This one definitely is more fun than most, and Jack's compass makes for some fun exploration that makes me feel like a kid playing in my backyard...searching for buried treasure!

Rybakov2925d ago

finding random hats is the best!

i can't help it i always love the lego games