New inFamous 2 Gameplay Footage

From swamps to city district, Cole continues his journey fighting against everything that is on his path

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GodofSackboy2925d ago

Especially with the Uncharted 3 beta packed in

Hoje03082925d ago

That's just a bonus. This and UC3 are my two most anticipated games of the year. That I get to play both from a single purchase is an extremely good deal.

Arnon2924d ago

So he still cant touch water. I never understood that. If the guy's surging with electricity, why would it hurt him in the first place? Or a better question, why would the electricity flow out of his body from simply touching the water?

Either way, the game looks a lot more polished than the first one.

NateNater2924d ago

@ Arnon

How can you not understand how he can't touch water? Plug a hairdryer in, drop it in the bath and see what happens. Bad comparison but you get the point haha

NAGNEWS2925d ago

he really looks like Jason Statham

Spitfire_Riggz2925d ago

Jason Statham is a badass, just like cole mcgrath =)

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ThanatosDMC2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Dont watch if you dont want to see any spoilers or want to be wowed when you start playing the game... but damn so much improvement... cant wait!

Edit: Where's the shield/barrier power from the first game? It was my favorite power in Infamous.

Hoje03082925d ago

Could just be replaced with something similar. The list of undiscovered powers in the beta seems pretty extensive.

ThanatosDMC2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I want explosives to be blocked this time. The 3rd island on hard mode on the first game was hard with all those snipers, shotgun cloaked rushers, and flying robots that lobbed nade after nade.

Cole should be powerful enough to make a barrier surround his whole body and not just a little floating circle.

SmokingMonkey2925d ago

I just installed this demo on the PS3 demo kiosk at my work, should be in most US PS3 demos by now.

it is awesome

hero edition day 1

trounbyfire2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

saying it now SP has taken R* crowm, RIP R*

sony better push iF2 and UC3 really hard, they both look amazing and this time i m not talking graphics but gameplay as well

blizzard_cool2925d ago

I'm pretty sure R* and SP aren't going for the same thing, except making awesome games. So far they both have done a pretty great job.

Zynga2925d ago

Both developers make excellent games with unique SP experience's, so stop trolling.

trounbyfire2925d ago

who the hell is trolling. see if i was trolling i would say something bad about infamous and try to get infamous fans to argue for my amusement but I didn't did i.

way to easy to through the troll tag around when every you don't agree with some on.

a person so stupid as you shouldn't be allowed to have aizen as the pic

SeanScythe2924d ago

I'm loving the beta for this game, but to be honest. Red Dead was a beautiful game. The view distance and different areas are the best I've ever seen. I remember playing and on top on a mountain seeing the water falls from miles away and it look awesome.

I love infamous and already paid for the Hero ED of infamous 2. But when it comes to open world games from my personal opinion R* still holds the trophy for that.

Again I'm not dissing infamous just saying I loved the detail put into RDR.

maverick402925d ago

god that looks beautifull!!!

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