L.A. Noire Easter Eggs and Glitches Discovered

The first easter eggs and glitches have been discovered in L.A. Noire on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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likerussia2926d ago

I love how open world games have the most glitches, makes it so much fun haha

news4me2926d ago

lol... I'd say it's that you can go anywhere and there's loads of content that make it fun. Anyways this article provides only 3 things then some common sense... Kind of a struggle IMO.

sammykiernan2926d ago

That didn't take long. Someone must've just sat and tried to find them.

hiredhelp2926d ago

I find gamers that try to find glitches. (EXPLOITERS) very sad indeed the game was meant to be played.

newhumanbreed2926d ago

This game was so amazing. Rockstar sure knows how to tell a story in their games.

Neckbear2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

...And shit all over it with mind-numbing repetition.

Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but holy hell if it doesn't drag out in some of the worst ways imaginable. Same with Red Dead Redemption, too.

ThanatosDMC2926d ago

Agreed. Neckbear, i dont see why other people dont realize that after the dahlia missions.

thisguywithhair2926d ago

You know what I hate? When someone says something, anything (good or bad) and then tried to spin it by saying, "don't get me wrong."

It is okay if you have something to say and want to say it, even if it goes against what everyone else is saying. But don't lessen the impact by trying meet others halfway on it. If you didn't care about the topic you wouldn't have said anything in the first place.

bestofthebest2926d ago

only major glitch I had was when I was on a roof and jumped down like 10 feet and ended up falling forever underneath the map until i quit out of the game.

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