Modern Warfare 3: 7 Facts That Everyone Should Know

GB - "Ever since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare back in 2007, the Call of Duty series can seemingly do no wrong. Ever since then it has seen blockbuster after blockbuster, and has become one of the most lucrative media franchises ever."

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Dart892919d ago

*Expect multiplayer to blow you away.*

Yea we know it will blow you away with glitches and unbalanced perks.

MatthewMk22919d ago

With Raven Software working on multiplayer there is still hope. While their games may not be the most unique in the world they are deffinatly some of the most polished. Singularity, their last game is amazing, multiplayer is loads of fun and incredibly well balances and glitch free.

captain-obvious2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"Modern Warfare 3: 7 BS That Everyone Should NOT Know"


this is nothing but you average hype article
like look at his
"Expect Something Unique This Time Around"

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooool

"With Raven Software working on multiplayer there is still hope"

who is Raven Software ??
i never heard about them except recently when it was stated that they'll work on the next cod

just googled them
all their games are ... well nothing THAT good
i mean look

Dannehkins2919d ago

I can't speak for the rest of those games, but the multiplayer for SW:JKA was very unique and very addictive.

It is in fact the game that got me into PC gaming, purely because it was so addictive.

I still think there are people playing it now.

It wasn't a personal comment, but it was just the one game from Raven that I think was amazing.

AtomicGerbil2919d ago

It may be different devs working on MW3, but as I've said before it's still the same puppet master.

Activision will not change anything substantial as they will consider it risky.

I would expect the same lag and glitches that have been common since MW1, let's face it, they've had 3 titles since then to put things right.

bodybombs2919d ago

i personally have liked a handful of ravensofts games.
-hexen 1,2,3
-the new wolfenstein
were all personal favorites of mine

LightofDarkness2919d ago

Raven were a big deal back in the day. I used to love Hexen1/2, Heretic 1/2, Soldier of Fortune, Jedi Outcast/Academy, even Elite Force was pretty damn good for a Star Trek game. X-Men Legends 2 was pretty good as well.

Quake 4 was when things started to turn sour, I think. It was an OK game, and not up to scratch with their best. Everything after that was pretty downhill, IMO.

DtotheRoc2919d ago

captain-obvious IDK what you say bro. raven is out of madison fuckin wisconsin the best city in the midwest.

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blumatt2919d ago

I so WISH they'd go back to the old style of perks in CoD4. Aslo, there were just three killstreaks. It was simple. 3 Kills: UAV ; 5 Kills: Airstrike ; 7 Kills: Helicopter.

That game had the best multiplayer of all the current gen CoD games.

Kee2919d ago

Yes. That was the way I liked it. I could still go back to CoD4 and play it for hours and hours because of how much fairer it is.

dawgsfan1172919d ago

Exactly. The three kill streak system should be brought back. It rewarded players without being cheap. COD4 is still my favorite online shooter. Sadly not enough people playing anymore.

midgard2272919d ago

blow us away with How much of a copy paste the game is.

honestly every new COD is just a big map pack mixed with a short lame SP

awiseman2919d ago

The single player component in MW1 and 2 were some of the most exciting campaigns Ive ever played.

AyeGee2919d ago


You must not play many games.

hoof1232919d ago

@ awiseman

MW1 campaign was fantastic, good if predictable, memorable missions and set pieces, excellent pacing.

MW2 campaign was just crap. Pacing was all over the place and the story was inconsistent and convoluted. It just tried to hard to be awesome all the time and fell flat on its face.

hassi942919d ago

Stupid article.

How is "Expect Something Unique This Time Around" a fact - it isn't even a statement!?

Typical hype article based on nothing but hopes. Yeah the lighting effects are good but that part of CoD graphics has never been picked on, the lighting has always been good. The textures are where it lets down the most.

antz11042919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Larger maps aren't really a great thing. Spending half the time running to a point and the other half trying to find enemies isn't that fun. Give me Nuke Town any day.

Twenty maps would be pretty nice though.

DtotheRoc2919d ago

nuketown is garbage for anything objective though. it's a killstreak spam fest do to tubes and spaz12ers

antz11042919d ago

Thats a matter of opinion, but if you like TDM (like the majority of people playing online) Nuketown is a great way to gain xp. Sure everyone rains grenades at the beginning of the match, but the action is tight and easy to find.

ZippyZapper2919d ago

I have always wondered why only Sony fanboys hate CoD. Must hate being in the back seat.

Gawdl3y2919d ago

Only Sony fanboys? You're kidding, right?
I game mostly on the PC, but some on the 360 and PS3 as well.

Call of Duty continues to under-perform with every game.

BeastlyRig2919d ago

"We’ve already caught wind of the twenty maps that will supposedly comprise the game’s competitive multiplayer. Infinity Ward have said that they are also taking inspiration from the Battlefield franchise in terms of larger scale battles. Expect epic sixteen aside fights across larger maps. An increased level of diversity will help the multiplayer stay even more relevant in today’s exceptionally competitive market. "


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FlintGREY2919d ago

*sigh* When will people see the light...?

iGaMei2919d ago

Does anybody remember the perk were you can listen to the other team on cod4 ?

What are the chances we see some kind of difference since the game is being worked on by 3 companies.

e-p-ayeaH2919d ago

lol the most useless perk ever


Cant say listening to 12 year olds screaming about how I killed them gave me any kind of tactical advantage.

evilbart2919d ago

Get ready for a shit load of comments from COD haters saying how crap the game will be and that they will definetely not be buying it but yet feel obliged to comment on every COD article and tell us about it.SEE YOU ALL ONLINE DAY ONE

shoddy2919d ago

sound like million that bought the game disagree.
it worth your money since you'll be playing it for like at least 6 months.

cod hater tell me what change will make you like the game.

graphic?: for 5 years what else you expect from mutiplat games(I thought crysis2 would raise the bar). don't expect U2 level of visual.

gameplay?: it propably the reason COD is so popular.

Story?: like %50 don't even finish story mode.

Kee2919d ago

So.... you're here to tell us all that... why? Or is there no reason and you just had nothing better to do?

If it's trash, you shouldn't care about it therefore you wouldn't be giving the article hits yet you come on here and tell us it's trash? We don't want to hear your hate-mongering.

Kindly go away and watch some Battlefield 3 gameplay or something and comment on that. You're wasting your time here, troll.

retrofly2919d ago

Aye, along with the other few million gamers. Going to be awesome as ever.

F**k you haters, I've had enough of you talking bullshit. If you don't like the game don't read the articles!

DeadIIIRed2919d ago

I have been playing this franchise for years and hate the direction its been nose diving into. Sales mean little in terms of quality. The now infamous E.T. game sold over a million copies and I think we all know the end to that story.

AtomicGerbil2919d ago

So it's not permitted to dislike CoD huh?

There have been 4 CoDs in 4 years, each one has had very similar issues that have never been fully addressed. Considering the amount of money that the CoD franchise has accumulated, we should not be seeing these kind of problems again & again.

There are many other reasons why myself and others dislike CoD and it's now getting tiresome that whenever we comment on a CoD article (which is well within our rights)we getted dubbed "haters" in a way that suggests we are doing it for the sake of it. No,some of us comment because we have an opinion that is just as valid as yours.

DtotheRoc2919d ago

cod4 had and still has no issues ON PC of course cuz consoles are trash when it comes to shooters anyway

Otheros002918d ago

Cod is TRASH.

"SEE YOU ALL ONLINE DAY ONE" Don't bet on it.
I'm glad to say I've never bought that trash in my entire life.
If it's really new and different why does it have the EXACT SAME BUGS AND GLITCHES AS COD4?

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L6RD7BLU32919d ago

Her's all 7 it will be the same as all the other Call of Duty's

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