A Healthy Change In the Life of a Gamer

GamerFitNation brings you an articles that expresses the healthy change in the life of a Gamer. From one Gamer to another this article reaches out and try's to show you that there's nothing wrong with leading a healthy life while Gaming.

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ZBlacktt2923d ago

Good write up. I too and a bodybuilder/power lifter. Been doing that about 23 years in gyms. I'm also a hardcore gamer with 33 years in. For me, I need both in my life. So the choice has never been hard to balance the two. But we all know, not everyone has that drive to go exercise.


Thank you for commenting it's good to see someone whose finding a Health balance in life.

ZBlacktt2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

No problem brother. Just got back on the creatin yesterday in fact. After a two month lay off. My 3 life passions have always been lifting, sports cars and video games. Something that I own and have of each in my life.


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fossilfern2923d ago

Though I only started "Body Building" about 5 months ago, Im not looking to win Mr Universe or anything, but I have gotten into the shape I have always wanted and am now looking to start up kick boxing again. Its the motivation to do exercise is what people lack.


WOW there's alot of bodybuilding Gamers out there. We'll welcome to !

Falaut2923d ago

*does a double take* what the hell!!! a quality article on N4G *bookmarks site*.

My job actually allows me to stay in shape which I'm lucky for, Furniture/Piano moving, but I know I need to start eating better.


I welcome you to

xtheownerzx2923d ago

I myself have gone through a similar change and now I love hitting the gym