All About Jin Kazama from the Tekken Series on

Ever wanted to know the back story of Jin Kazama, the leading Tekken character since 3 first debuted? Gte the complete history on him as well as his fighting style.

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TeaDouble_E2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I hope Namco gives Jin more air juggles in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Tekken 6 Jin didnt have much.

HardcoreGamer2759d ago

this one guy i know he uses the crap out of jin, he juggles me all the way to the wall and then juggles me some more while juggling me to the ground and then punching my head as i land... crazy combo. i think he has them the fighter needs to utilise it. he was using lots of dodges and cancels to do them.

256bit2759d ago

kiryu kazuma from YAKUZA should be some sort of secret character. he actually fits the TEKKEN UNIVERSER.

RedPawn2759d ago

Those characters would crap themselves, j/k, it would be nice to see VF adopt the Heat component from Yakuza, unlocking a more powerful move set for the character to deal damage with.

256bit2759d ago

i can see kiryus hells floor being used on king.

HardcoreGamer2759d ago

the first place you will see kazuma kiryu is the next virtua fighter but if you look up brad

NarooN2759d ago

Mezumaru, Kazama Jin!!

NateCole2759d ago

How i owned a lot of my friend with Jin in Tekken 3. Not with the new Jin in 4,5,6 though as he is a bit bloated.