Skyrim: New Information Revealed

GamingBolt writes: "Todd first of all talks about how this current generation of technology has helped the developers to do a laundry list of things. “We had a laundry list of things we knew we could do in the current generation. We re-wrote the whole renderer, the quest system, the dialogue. By the time we were done we had re-written all the gameplay and all the graphics systems in our engine”, he said."

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extermin8or2707d ago

"There will be a cameo from Jonathan Creek"
as much as I like jonathon creek and wish the BBC would make some more.... wtf?

Best2707d ago

Glad to hear that we will be able to fly in Skyrim.

rdgneoz32707d ago

Why does it say that? Unless you mean "Unrelenting Force" which I've heard described as a sort of force push (not you can fly) ability.

RedDead2707d ago

You won't be able to, I promise you, it's unfortunate but the cities are closed off due to processing power limits, they can't allow you to look into something that needs a loading screen. Break the game's Fps so to speak. So no Fly or 500 meter jumping

BeOneWithTheGun2707d ago

I'm glad the end of the world did not occur yesterday. I was going to be seriously ticked off if I was taken away from here before I finished Skyrim. That said, bring on 2012! I will have the game beat and all that money I owe the IRS...well, they can suck it!

Hozi892706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )


I havn't seen anything about flying but if they implemented it. it might not fit into the game nicely because of the separate loading screens for cities. unless of course if you flew over a cities with a dragon then it would automatically send you through a loading screen and you would be at a stable or something like that.

What I really would love to see is a co-op feature. who wouldn't want to team up and traverse Skyrim together? even if it only offline co-op.

PS-the ability to store items in your pets bag would be nice.

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Red_Phoenix2707d ago

"Throat, one of the places in the game, will require the player to ascend 7,000 steps to reach it’s peak."

There better be a hidden elevator somewhere.

thrasherv32707d ago

Screw an elevator, I want a slinky.

rdgneoz32707d ago

Damn straight. They better have a slinky in-game.

Alos882707d ago

I can't wait to kill something at the top of the steps and watch it's corpse roll all the way down.

Jack-H2707d ago

*thinks of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls* EVERYONE LOVES A SLINKY! YOU GOTTA HAVE A SLINKY!!

Hozi892706d ago

but you know you'd have to climb to the top every time just to use that slinky right? lol.

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Brixxer6002707d ago

I can't wait to climb all the way to the top and then realise that i dropped my most powerful sword at the bottom.

mobijoker2707d ago thousand steps.Whoa!!!

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