Purchase Fable III & Get Fable: The Lost Chapters for Free

Microsoft seems keen to push the recently released PC version of Fable III, despite having already achieved great success with the Xbox 360 version of the game late last year. Available now at retail and via the Steam and Games for Windows – LIVE digital distribution services, gamers who adopt Fable III via the latter are in for a special treat.

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Solid_Snake-3526d ago

what a buzzkill. playing fable 1,having the time of your life then.........playing fable 3.

lionhead better step up with there next installment.

i used to be a very active member of the lionhead forums then fable 3 came out and havnt been back on since.

zeal0us3526d ago

lol oddly I thought of this very same thing

sonicsidewinder3526d ago

Already got the good game. Don't need to buy the shit one.

wallis3526d ago

Isn't that sort of rubbing in how we missed out on the second one?