Top 5 PSP games that should be ported to PS3

With the recent announcement of remastered PSP games heading towards PS3 with HD resolution, we here at TheParanoidGamer decided to compile a short list of PSP titles that deserve to be ported onto the PS3.

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iamnsuperman3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I would pay for GOW PSP on my PS3. Always wanted to play the PSP ones but haven't got a PSP

MmaFan-Qc3528d ago

i want to play patapon 1,2&3 in 1080p on my ps3.

ABizzel13528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

The GOW PSP games are every bit as good as the PS2 versions, just shorter.

But I want to know if these PSP to PS3 releases will have trophy support, if they're going to be on PSN/retail, if retail is it going to be like a HD Collection, and how much they're going to cost.

Nitrowolf23528d ago

yeah i want to know the same thing. For games like GOW i expect them to be bundled together at a price of $40. I don't expect Monster hunter being any different considering the online value your getting for it

Godmars2903529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

What recent Star Ocean titles have been on the PSP? All I can think of is a PS1 port and that can't be worth a disc port.

Of course my own preference now that this is happening is FF Type-0. All of the recent FF titles on the PSP.

(What is this feeling? Could my love for Square possibly be returning?!)
*Girly Scream!*

Nitrowolf23529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Well not just disc port, Sony also detailed that they plan on having some as download titles.

there is first departure and second evolution

would love to see type-0 on PS3 along with other FF titles

Reibooi3529d ago

I wonder how likely Type-0 is. If you considering the fact that it's still in development(at least for a short while longer) it would make sense for SE to do the back end work to get it on PS3 so they can try to sell it on even more platforms. I can't imagine it being to hard for a game they are currently working on. But then again I'm not a dev so who knows. I would LOVE to see it happen. Along with Crisis Core and Dissidia(and tons of other games that just don't happen to be SE games)

Maybe we will get more news come E3. Considering SE lost alot of money recently I would think the PSP Remaster idea is a no brainier money maker. People have been saying for years the only good games they are still making is on Hand held and now they can bring those to console with ease.

Godmars2903528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

More than likely we're seeing NGP dev tools a work. For all the complains towards making HD games to getting a MH title with a converted trailer in short order says as much.

And Type-0 will happen depending on sales and a year after the release.

One thing this does say to me, at least in Japan, is that the PS3 is living in the NGP's shadow no matter how NGP itself is received.

Of course we still have to see how remade PSP games are received.

Reibooi3528d ago

I would assume(and this is just me) that PSP games will be just as well received as the PS2 HD collections. I mean most PSP games are essentially PS2 games(graphically and once the DS 3 is used for control they pretty much are PS2 games)

That said people think differently about different things but I would hope they do just as well as PS2 remasters as there are alot of great games the PSP could offer to the PS3 and make the PS3's already incredible exclusive line up that much better.

Raendom3529d ago

Peace Walker! I have the game on PSP but would love real online.

Redempteur3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

online is the same and is based on a variant of adhoc party ..

RedDead3529d ago

Peace walker...KH bbs even though I don't like KH so much(too kiddy for me)......FF type 0 please sometime....Dunno what else really

user8586213529d ago

Peace walker, bbs, gow and crisis core then I can get rid of my psp :)

stealth500k3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

The psp has hundreds and hundreds of great games.

This will likely be only 5-10 games

not worth selling anythin

And its only relevant if games we havent seen in english get released in english

for monster hunter freedom 3 this is very worth it

for valkyria 3 this is very worth it.


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