GGTL - Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

GGTL - "In its emphasis on relationships, Enslaved depicts the blossoming of quiet affection that transcends shared hardship. Otherwise, it’s a mechanical and repetitive action brawler and platformer. The latter experience will inevitably wither in relevance, yet the former may stick in our minds forever. Only when the line blurs between the two does Enslaved stand a chance of becoming something that you might not be ashamed to show to someone you care about."

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Eklohmyn2704d ago

Why is there a review for a year old game?

Quagmire2704d ago

He must be slow AND dumb, Enslaved is easily an 8/10 game.

zeal0us2704d ago

look like some1 playing catch up lol, next thing you will probably see is a review for kameo or halo 3 lol

cowkimon2703d ago

Meh. Reviews for old games can be just as helpful as those for new ones. More in fact, if they avoid the pre-release hype of a title.

Fullmetalevolust2704d ago

Definitely a game I'll be revisiting this summer, good story telling and easy platforming and gameplay.