Tomb Raider: "Press Start" First Demo Image Emerged

Developer Crystal Dynamics hints on the new Tomb Raider blog a playable demo for its upcoming action adventure. Very first demo image inside the news!

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Crazyglues3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Tomb Raider is an 8 million dollar franchise, the problem is these developers don't know that...

They have no idea what made the first Tomb Raiders so popular... and therefore the games being made now are no where as interesting or as much fun...

They should be taking a hard look at Uncharted 1 & 2 -God Of War III & even Assassin's Creed.

The early Tomb Raider's had awesome graphics for their time, but now Tomb Raider has been really lame, the games of today are eating their lunch..

They need to go big or go home.. Step up your Graphics, Step up your Rendered Cut Scenes.. Bring back the awesome story told through amazing CGI Rendered scenes..

Back in the day, God Of War 2 used some amazing CGI to tell the story, it just looked awesome..

They also have to step up Gameplay the whole thing just needs to feel more real.. Better detail, better movement, better feel..

I don't have high expectation for this one, because the less a game sells the less they tend to put into the next version... So I won't be surprised if they make the same mistakes and make another half way good Version, instead of set the bar..

(Which is what they need to do to get back on top.) Either way I wish them Luck. -But My prediction on this one is it will just be another half-ass attempt.


Rampaged Death3526d ago

This is a reboot and we haven't even seen footage of it and your already doubting it !!

Nitrowolf23526d ago

I can see where he is coming from, but i disagree with it like many others. If a game stops selling over the course of the year and they want to reboot it, its all for a good reason.

We haven't seen anything yet, but a reboot are created in the sense that it will bring the franchise back. Like MK9 reboot, that did wonders for the franchise. DMC, it looks like it could be good but the turn off is the obvious big change and that is in the character. Reboots are meant to be taken serious because they are going to determine the future of that franchise.

TheLastGuardian20103526d ago

Haters gonna hate. You haven't seen anything, and is already calling it a failure....go home son, go home.

Jaces3526d ago

I haven't been this excited for a Tomb Raider game since 1996.

Legend and Underworld weren't bad but nothing new and Anniversary was a blast from the past and loved every bit of it.

Here's hoping these guys can revive a worn down franchise.

ChrisPriestman3526d ago

Anniversary sucked, it was an average game but a huge insult to the original. I enjoyed Underworld though, and Legend was silly at times. Angel of Darkness is so bad it doesn't even exist in my eyes.

news4geeks3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

anniversary did not suck it's the best game in the series. I'm a huge tomb raider fan and believe me when I say the ps1 originals are bad games in retrospect. Fantastic at the time but age has not been kind to them.

Angel of Darkness was bad true, but Legend Anniversary and Underworld are amazing. It became a popular misconception that Tomb Raider went bad, in reality and had a very poor ps2 debut and people already gave up on the future releases and instead went with the pop opinion that they were all bad games.

The platforming was so good it inspired the now classic series Uncharted and some of the puzzles are up there with the best. The gunplay was enjoyable and changed up the pacing.

CaptainMarvelQ83526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Bravo,you judged games solely on their graphics

God of War did have good graphics but that's not what made it,the gameplay did,so did tomb raider,and uncharted
the first tomb raider succeeded because it was the first of it's kind,but after some time it became the same with nothing new,Uncharted came along and did the same thing but expanded upon that idea
sure graphics is a strong factor in a game but it's not what defines it

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ChrisPriestman3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

One of my very favourite games, heck one of my favourite things of all time is the original Tomb Raider. I absolutely love it. And I understand exactly where you are coming from Crazyglues but I am actually very excited for this reboot. It's looking promising so far, and at the end of the day, I will still keep playing the original Tomb Raider (sad ain't I!).

I still want a proper remake of the first game though, that would complete my life. If they could capture the atmosphere it would be rather awesome.

Oh and also, Tomb Raider was not really about the cut scenes at all dude, the in game stuff was solid and as yet unmatched in my opinion.

Crazyglues3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Thank you ChrisPriestman at least you can see where I was coming from... I too was a big fan of the old one. (I guess I just didn't state my point very well)

I made the mistake of thinking everyone saw the pictures of the new Tomb Raider in the new PlayStation Magazine.. It's in the latest issue.. http://questerslog.files.wo...

I too am hoping it comes out amazing but after looking at the pic's - Let's just say I'll hope for the best..

At the end of the day I too am a fan of the old game and I do want this new one to be awesome.. and that's all I'll say.. I hope it's good.