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CrimsonEngage2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I'm calling Bullshit. How much more can you enhance such an old quake engine? COD games still use death animations ffs.

jimmins2710d ago

Surely it hardly resembles the original engine any more?

CrimsonEngage2710d ago

While that's true, eventually they will be forced to use a newer/more up to date engine. Especially when the next consoles start rolling out. Their is only so much you can do with such an old engine. They are currently using an old id tech engine.

If they are to use a new engine they should invest in the new ID Tech 5 that powers RAGE.

--------2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I bet at Activision they're calling it 'Money For Free' not MW3.

Why else do you think money came flying out of the enemies you killed in MW2? ;)

I'll give you a hint: It's not the enemies you were 'wasting'.

I_find_it_funny2710d ago

screw new features, bring something groundbreaking... oh its CoD I forgot

Peppino72709d ago

Does the engine change the gameplay? Doubt it.

Millah2709d ago

Well using such an updated older engine also allows COD to run at a smooth 60 FPS without any slowdown whatsoever, and it also allows the game to run on fairly low spec PC setups.

So there are positives and some drawbacks. It's not like MW2 was a bad looking game. In fact part of the games success is how good the gun models look and how fast and smooth it runs. Most of my friends who are average gamers all started playing MW2 (and hate Black Ops) because of MW2s graphics. Yes, MW2 is obviously not the best game graphically, but most average joes think it is because of the little tricks IW uses. They are very good at focusing all the detail where most people are paying attention, and the finer details suffer (like environments or particle effects).

It would be silly to invest the time and resources into a new engine NOW. Like you yourself said, it would make sense to invest in a new engine for the NEXT GEN consoles.

captain-obvious2709d ago

explosions well have 2 more sparks in this game
and thats enough for all the sheep to go and buy it

mastiffchild2709d ago

I don't like paying for COD games because i dislike the slash and burn, short sighted work of Mr Kotick but the missus always makes me buy it as a present for her(cos she likes it and knows it winds me up I guess). Thing is even she is sick of the incremental improvements which do nothing to improve what's still, basically,a mere expansion every year for COD4.

I'm not bagging it because, even now, COD4 is a good shooter and definitely a good game that appeals to a ton of gamers. however, I don't want to hear about little improvemtns to the engne. I don;'t want to know what they're doing for the killstreaks this time round.

No. There's only ONE big thing that they should have done a long time ago that would be piss easy to do and improve the MP which everyone buys it for(the SP has been SHIT since COD4)-give EVERYONE dedicated servers. Allow trhe PC version more options and freedom and give console gamers the servers your profits beg you deliver to them.

Seriously, we are meant to care about little engine improvements when it's the crap they give us every year before shipping an under tested, beta free game nearly the same as the one before it but in a different box? P2P from the biggest selling shooter in the world is a sick, feeble joke and one we should all be onto by now.

Treyarch's Zombies are a cute diversion, but nothing more and i'm sick of lag and crippled hosting killing what should still be an enjoyable,if throwaway,fast paced romp of a MP shooter. Blops method of gimping hosts ruined the PS3version of the game making host migration(which still works maybe one time in five for us)a constant game killer because nobody wanted to be the nerfed host.

The number of people who've said to me they know without looking that they're hosting by how off the pace they are is amazing and it's so true that being host really can suck in this game. Sure, I can see why host advantage needs avoiding too but they went way too far and what resulted is a near game breaking issue-it's left me having to wait half an hour to get into a game can actually finish.

So, dedicated servers all round and I might even not regret having to buy it this year! Just don't bet on it happening as it would improve the gamers experience and not their profits on the face of it despite making gamers probably more loyal.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2709d ago

Keep on wishing for that MastifChild.

Sounds like what we all want, but you no that Mr. Kotic will never allow dedicated servers on consoles for his games. He doesn't have to.

Like you said the silly (your missus) and you for caving in and buying, will still end up getting it regardless of the fact that there will be nothing new at all.

I am not buying it though, my missus hates COD :-)

stevenhiggster2709d ago


bubbles just for that name lol :-)

hiredhelp2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Screw your engine screw your perks screw your peer to peer
Screw your price hike,
Ive fallen victim to many times pushed into buying it cos mates got it you bring nothing.
NOW BRING ON BATTLEFIELD 3 the way it should be done.

mastiffchild buddy you need to write a article you said soo much there.

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-Superman-2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

A Lot Of Cool Stuff

Ye we know, best engine ever.


BiggCMan2710d ago

Yea lots of cool stuff. More garbage in the trash bins, more flying papers in the alleyways, more rats in the sewers, thats a bunch of awesome stuff right there.

blumatt2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I had better add a lot of "cool stuff" if they want me to purchase it. If it's still the same game engine they've used in the past 5 games, then you can count me out. I'm more interested in giving my money to developers who actually use the money they make to improve their games' engines, like the devs. of Battlefield and Killzone.

By now, we should be seeing a CoD game that looks twice as good as CoD4. Activision is a lazy and greedy company that only cares about money and ignorantly shows favoritism towards the 360, when the PS3 version always sells upwards of 5 million units. That may not be as much as the 360 version sells, but that's still should be enough to justify putting some effort towards bringing parity to the two games (both games looking the same).

Overpriced dlc + same game over and over + same game engine over and over + same glithces over and over = me not buying it. (Let's hope they do something amazing this time around!)

tdrules2710d ago

for all the critique gets, it can still get 60fps for a first person shooter which is incredibly vital.
For some reason people seem to think a stuttering but beautiful 30fps shooter cuts it...

venom062710d ago

what atuttering 30fps game is this fool talkin about?? Bad Company 2 kicks CoD ass all up and down the street... too bad all these pimple-faced, nerdy little kids can't see that.. but then again, maybe it's better that they stay on that dumb ass arcadey game..

damnyouretall2709d ago

6o fps is cool and all but their benchmark is seriously holding them back. i have no problem at all with a 30fps bf3 on consoles. if all you want is a smoother framerate then buy cod. thats all your gonna get cause the game will probably blow dick hole

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lil Titan2710d ago

the only difference i will see in this game is that it has a 3 after Modern Warfare instead of 2 this time

Shaman2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Infinity Ward,despite all the shit they have to swallow from people,are really,REALLY full of great programmers.MW2 looked great,thats a fact.Their lighting and depth of field implantation are fantastic,especially for 60fps game,something that other shooters aren't doing.Character models and faces are also great since they have PROBABLY the best character artist and designer in bizz(Steven Giesler).

Gun models are IMO best that you can find and now with streaming tech their textures are much better than in original MW.You can hate the game all you want but having 2003 engine means a little now,8 years later,since they changed everything that can be changed in it.Its called IW engine 4.0(MW2),I'm sure next COD will look awesome.Again,I repeat,especially for 60fps game.

And honestly,whats with all this Battlefield 3 d*** riding?Yea,it looked great(with 3rd party Enlighten engine implanted in Frostbite2) on 580GTX and DX11 enabled,but where is console footage?As far as I remember I was more impressed with MW2 than BC2 on consoles.Sure BC2 was native 720p,but it was jagg fest running at 30fps,forward rendering(very little light sources available,only one light dynamic(sun)),with no motion blur or other post processing effects like depth of field or lens flares.It was never a showcase although BF3 is,for now only on PC.

Coheno2710d ago

You sir forget that IW is not the same IW it was when they made MW and MW2. All the senior people pretty much left along with the founders to start Respawn Ent. And those are the guys i'll be following, and thus won't be buying this moneywhoring game!

Shaman2709d ago

No,not really.I mean,there were ~100 people working at IW and 30 left.If anything,next MW can't look worse/same as MW2 since updated engine is already there and all those 35 people worked on it till late 2010.Huge part of the game was finished when they left.Not that thats not going to hurt,it will,but not nearly in the same way next COD will hurt them without those people being on project from beginning.

Gamer_Z2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Do you really think MW3 is going to look better than MW2 when Black Ops looked like poo, if anything the graphics seem to be getting worse. FYI COD4 guns looked better then MW2's guns also character models, and maps all looked a lot better than MW2’s and that was when the real Infinity Ward was still at the helm, not devs that have never worked on a COD game before.

Coheno2709d ago


Well 1/3 of the studio left, 14 or so of them 6 months into the development (if I remember correctly), plans for the game and story was probably done, but hardly a game thats done. And losing all the leading developers is hardly a good thing, thats why they needed Sledgehammer, so they got pulled off of that 3rd person CoD game.

I don't know... I think this game is gonna be a mess and seems like more of a rollercoasterride than MW2. Although I won't be getting it, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!

venom062709d ago

WHO GIVE A FUCK WHERE'S THE CONSOLE FOOTAGE??? that the best arguement you can do??? it's gonna be just like EVERYTHING we've seen so far (EPIC) except for a fewer number of players.. CoD is CoD no matter what tag is behind the name.. it promotes camping and is arcade-bullshit. It's just so many pimple-face, 12 yr old lone-wolf nerds like sitting in a corner camping, that this garabge sells good..... unbelievable..

damnyouretall2709d ago

yeah we need a frostbite 2.0 tech demo for the consoles to really get into the details between the engines. but mw2 looked better than bc2, im not gonna argue that. i have a gut feeling that fb 2.0 will look great for consoles. kinda like doom 3 and half life 2 for the original xbox. not the same as the pc but the core stuff was there that made the games great. even without the flasy effects.

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Trunkz Jr2709d ago

Haha! If they have to do big changes to their engine, it's cause they know BF3 is being a big threat to their series!

50Terabytespersec2709d ago

LOL why not get it on PC ! I refuse to play it on 360 or PS3 and I own a PS3. But at the low res it runs on the consoles I am very offended and prefer to play on my PC with full res and effects!!
Don't kid yourself this watered down 360 game is not worth the price!! It is the old Doom 3 engines and yes the new Doom 4 engine (also used for rage) is what it should be using!!.
But no way no Console low def games on my 1080p Bravia. My eyes hurt from the blurry textures LOL

GameGambits2709d ago

Give me dedicated servers on consoles or gtfo.

PhantomT14122709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It's not that it's old. IW only based their engine on the source code of the quake engine which was made free since 2005. They altered the software so much it could be called "in-house".
It's just that Call of Duty sticks to 60 FPS on console. Enhancing the graphics on this generation of console without droppign the frames or the resolution (they've already done that for Black Ops, and when comparing between PC and consoles, the gap is larger than ever) is really difficult, I don't expect a huge leap like we've seen with CoD2->4 nor even MW->MW2...

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lugia 40002710d ago

Like what? The same thing?

starcb262710d ago


Fixed it for you :)

NarooN2709d ago

More shitty non-existent hit-detection!

spunnups2710d ago

More bugs, glitches, and lag than ever before! Step right up and drop $60 on the table for of the same!

CrimsonEngage2710d ago

I giggled for a good 2 minutes. Get ready for smaller maps and even shittier spawn points! :D

Morbius4202709d ago

And go easy on the passes.

Raendom2710d ago

I will seriously eat my hat if MW3 has destruction like BF3 (talkin' non-scripted, real-time destruction).

emekcrash2710d ago

Not like BF3 will do it even better.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2709d ago

When they said they where implementing some sort of destruction to this COD I laughed. Now the multi player levels come with maybe 2 or 3 scripted destruction points.


Now you might get the affect of makeng all the nerds rush out to the "scripted wall" that you have to RPG to get to the camp spot above the level or something horrible like that.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2709d ago

When they said they where implementing some sort of destruction to this COD I laughed. Now the multi player levels come with maybe 2 or 3 scripted destruction points.


Now you might get the affect of making all the nerds rush out to the "scripted wall" that you have to RPG to get to the camp spot above the level or something horrible like that.

Morbius4202709d ago

I got a nice fedora @ Khol's.

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gamingisnotacrime2710d ago

for gamers is the same old sht