[video] Detail presentation of the ps3 at Germany posted a new video of a detail presentation of the ps3 at the German Games Convention. Sascha Appel, manager producer of SCE Germany takes the ps3 on his hands and show's various aspects and fonctions of the system.

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TheXgamerLive5870d ago

Good luck sony fans, I hope it works out for you all. Sony was still "no demo" and a basic "no show" at the convention, cept for ludvig there. Can't see a November release happening. Still so many issues, here's hoping they ironed them out first for you.

zerofunction5870d ago

You would think Sony would get someone who could speak decent english.

big_tim5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

#1 They are saving the demos for TGS. You could see that the unit had everything in it. It wasn't an empty box. Also, combine the 360 with its brick and it is pretty heavy itself. I know, because I have one.
#2 THEY WERE IN GERMANY. It was a German convention. The guy basically did the G4 host a favor. I don't think Sony actually planned for that guy to take the unit out of the case. That guy deserves some props for actually bringing it out. I don't recall Microsoft showing the machine that casually before it was released. Nintendo definitely hasn't done that.

HyperBear5870d ago

Im gonna have to agree with big tim, you guys are retarded. Really, if u guys didnt know that TGS was PS3's major convention for the summer, then you need to get out more. I even new that and i only look at video game news for about an hour a day. RETARDED comes to mine for #1 and 2. Nicely put Big Tim. At least someone here gets it.

zerofunction5868d ago

Your right, i mean why would you want someone to speak good english to showcase your system. What was i thinking.

PS3 Ultimate5870d ago

And believe me, Sony is ready to launch come this November! The future is almost here, with the PlayStation 3!

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