The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Review

"The Witcher 2 is the new bar for western RPG’s. It is a game that will blow people away and raise their expectations from the games medium as a whole. Games like these are rare and I strongly urge anyone with a capable PC to go out and play this game. Simply put it’s the best RPG I’ve played this entire generation."

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gameguru3527d ago

deserves a 10 if you ask me

GameGambits3527d ago

The game is great, but there is enough here to keep it from being a 10, which is supposed to be a perfect game. The Witcher 2 isn't perfect, but it's damn close.

GameGambits3527d ago

Totally agree funny. :) That's what the review says too. :D

reznik_zerosum3527d ago

"The most impressive visuals of any game to date." really ?!

MegaMohsi3527d ago

It's a PC exclusive I'm not surprised. I'm playing this on my i7 930 with a gtx 460 and 8 gb of ram everything maxed out except SSAO and Uber sampling turned off. Getting about 40fps with the 270.61 drivers and I hear the performance is better with the 275 betas

schlanz3527d ago

No such thing as a perfect game. Or movie, or book, or anything else that can be categorized as art. 10 simply means absolute highest reccomendation.. And thats precisely what this game is to most people who have played it.

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F4sterTh4nFTL3527d ago

Truly great game in all areas, the combat is really hard but once you get the hand of it you will really enjoy it and the graphics are the best in RPG History.

GameGambits3527d ago

The combat really reminded me of Demon's Souls approach of being prepared and learning enemy patterns. The actual execution of the fights were stylish like Batman Arkham Asylum. That's a fantastic mishmash of winning formulas.

Foxgod3527d ago

sounds cool, il try it.
I mostly use the spell that lays electric traps.
Then il lure the opponent into it, and attack them.

pr0digyZA3527d ago

@Foxgod I was also using electric trap but I leveled the shield so high now that it has become a weapon itself bouncing electricity onto enemies, so much fun :P.

Foxgod3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

This game really makes you fight at certain points.

*spoiler early in the game*
Right before the king dies, theres this courtyard filled with enemy soldiers that you have to take on by yourself, man that was a bitch :D
I didnt have the parry form any direction skill yet at that point.
But satisfying once you bust trough.

Thank god for the witcher, dues ex, skyrim and Mass effect.
It saved me from the j-rpg decline.
Without w-rpgs there would barely be anything to play for me :P

MegaMohsi3527d ago

Have you guys tried using the Quen (I believe that's what it's called) spell. It basically absorbs damage without you losing health. It helped out a lot in that courtyard sequence.

Myze3527d ago

Yes, Quen is the most important spell in your arsenal (at least for the first 7-8 hours of the game for me so far), unless you want to spend 10 min on ever fight rolling away after every attack. It makes the fights much more manageable.

Perkel3527d ago

i don't agree that quen is most important. All ae super important !

This fight can be done this way:

Ard: stun hit and run techique
Quen: you mentioned it
Axii: make some of enemy your ally !
Igni: same as ard but with damage
yrden: paralyze one and DD him all the way.

or you can use bombs. 3-4 of them in group = insta win.

I played witcher 2 from start to end on hard.

schlanz3527d ago

Quen is overpowered. But i love it. Even better with more vigor. Its a geat melee support skill.

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SuperSaiyan43527d ago

I don't know anything about this game but considering the reviews its getting and its an RPG and since I have a PC that can play this game (Have a 9800gt 512mb card and 8gb ddr2 ram with a dual core athlon) I think I will pick this up at some point :-)

GameGambits3527d ago

It'll leave you floored. I don't think it's possible to come away from this game not just overly impressed.

At one point in the game a character will lop of another man's balls, shove them in his mouth, then slit his throat. If that doesn't invoke some kind of emotion out of you or at the least make you say "WTF", then you need to see a doctor. :P


JOHN_DOH3527d ago

aside from the dlc issues it's a good game but why is it called a "western" rpg?

Foxgod3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Cus its not made by japanese people, and its totally in the style of a w-rpg.
J-rpg have different mechanics as opposed to w-rpgs.
Also the story telling and character development is way different.

W-Rpg = fantasy point of view.
J-Rpg = Anime point of view.

W-Rpgs are more like tolkiens books, J-rpgs are more like an anime.

GameGambits3527d ago

Awesome description Foxgod. Nailed it.

John doh what issues did you have with DLC? I was able to get it all set up no problem through my steam copy.

reznik_zerosum3527d ago

jrpg are so lame,they cant even compare to wrpgs - more mature,complex,darker...

pr0digyZA3527d ago

There was some issue for DLC I believe on the first day, but that is all sorted out so you should try get it JOHN_DOH, Troll mission is quite entertaining plus you can't complete another mission a certain way without it.

BeastlyRig3527d ago

Best RPG This generation imo..

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