Five Reasons Why Final Fantasy VII Shouldn’t Be Remade

Nerdspwn: The title alone is borderline blasphemy, but hear me out. After digging and stumbling all over the place I have came across multiple articles talking about how and why the remake of Final Fantasy VII could still come along for the PS3. Yes, it would definitely sell. Yes, Sony could use a little bump in their image at the moment, but here is why I think that FFVII should remain untouched.

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mandf2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Can anyone make five reasons this article fails?

1 People actually want it.

2 People will actually buy it.

3 Square Enix needs money.

4 New gamers can play a good game in the rpg genre.

5 People will stop begging for it.

Journalists are running out of ideas for good insightful articles.

Chug2706d ago

I can think of 5 reasons why square enix shouldn't remake it...

1. They will ruin it.

2. They will ruin it.

3. They will ruin it.

4. They will ruin it.

5. They will ruin it.

RedDead2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I they ruin it, it's not like the old one will cease to exist

Example, I have never and will never play FFx-2, I pretend it doesn't exist, therefore FFX ends the way it does, perfect ending, needed no sequel.

midgard2272706d ago

chug u moron how will it get ruined? honestly all they have to do is just remake it for the ngp with above xbox graphics and people will be happy. keep same world map, same battle system, add a few new attack animations and new limit breaks, maybe a few new quest and all is fine and we are happy/

now a fully realized remake is asking for to much, it would be so much work to make ff7's world in HD with its grand scope and such. Midgar itself would be a pain to render

the_best_player2706d ago

If on PS3 only it will be fine.

Nemesis45672705d ago

Strongly agree with you, look at Square Enix's track record. Plus I can't imagine playing Final Fantasy VII without Nobuo Uematsu's music who is no longer with them.

mitsuhede2705d ago

Lol RedDeadDestroyer got 5 dissagrees for using common sense. You people are childish. Hes right lol.

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pain777pas2706d ago

They need to remake FF7. They may ruin it. I played CC PSP and i think that they can get it done IF they have a true fan of the game be the director.

k2d2705d ago

-People- changed after FFX-2, FF12 and especially after FF13...

I wanted FF7 remade. Now I realize - I don't.

Kee2705d ago

Yeah, X-2 and now XIII-2 was the final straw for me, I'd still buy it if it came out but I'm not crossing my fingers waiting for this remake.

k2d2705d ago

Still. It should be approachable for all audiences and therefor I believe it deserves a HD-remaster.

tplarkin72705d ago

Very few people want a game from 1997 with updated graphics. It was great in 1997. The memories are always better than the reality.

Dice012705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I agree with you mandf :P. I think majority of these fools saying they don't want it remade are closed minded, and their logic only goes as for as "they will ruin it". I say, who cares if they ruin it, giving it a shot isn't going to kill anyone, and if they DO remake it and you fools don't like it. Don't buy it. Its that simple. @tplarkin7 Lol I hope you're joking.

Rocket Sauce2705d ago

"First, I always hear how people think it’s a good idea to release it as a ‘cash cow’ for SE… I(t) would be pretty damn sad if that’s how they handled the remake."

I'm kind of over Final Fantasy by this point, but this is exactly why it would suck.

princejb1342705d ago

they dont have to change gameplay story or nothing
all they have to do is remake the graphics and keep everything as it is and baammm , a succesful remake that will make square enix millions

Solidus187-SCMilk2705d ago

but I sure would buy it. FF7 is one of my favorite games ever and I dont really like those types of games, just that one.

I still enjoy playing my PS1 copy sometimes.

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LiamIRL822706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I would love to see it on the 3DS in the same way Nintendo are doing for Zelda - OoT. All FF7 needs is a little sprucing up.

richierich2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Stupid article FF7 remake would be a system seller

XxBarretxX2706d ago

Honestly though I think if Square remakes this game, they will change some things to it and one big change that might be necessary is the battle system. I know people are going to say "Keep the formula the same, don't give them a chance to ruin it." But lets be honest here, for the JRPG to be regain it's former glory it had in previous generations, it has to forget the turn bases battle system. Or at least expand upon what it was in Final Fantasy VII. And if SE remade Final Fantasy VII, there will be a lot of idiot critics saying "It's proof JRPG's haven't evolved since 1997.. blah blah"

Biggest2706d ago

Are you quoting the article or making your own ridiculous statements? When re-making a game that is popular, it is a good idea to keep the core mechanics. And what the what? For JRPGs to reclaim their former glory, you suggest that they forget the turn based battle system, which is what made them what they were in the beginning? You are the kind of people that SE has been listening to as the ruin their new games. Go play an action game and stop speaking for people that enjoyed JRPGs and want them to be JRPGs again.

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