Gaming Irresponsibly: Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga Review

They say that often times in this industry, you rarely get a second chance. Unfortunately, D2: Ego Draconis was widely panned for various reasons and was redeemed a bit by the release of Flames of Vengeance. What D2: DKS is in all actuality is an amalgam of the the original and it’s DLC completely remastered and all polished up. Yep, Divinity II was giving a second shot, read on to find out if it made the most of it.

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agentxk2710d ago

This is actually a very good game, I'll be playing this with a new character until something else get's my attention. Plus I still have to get those achievements

Shinuz2710d ago

i really enjoyed that game.

CherryLu-Chan2710d ago

I played the demo and adored it.

A definite pick-up for me when I finish Demon's Souls and to tide me over until Dark Souls consumes my life.

agentxk2710d ago

Best part was that it isn't even a 59.99 title! I still need to beat Demon's Souls

CherryLu-Chan2710d ago

"Doest thou seek soul power ...?!"