Retrospective: Devil May Cry 4 - The lost boys

At first glance, it's easy to think of Devil May Cry 4 as a soulless cash-in. Between its uninspired level design, confounding camera, and new protagonist who looks almost identical to series' hero Dante, it would seem as if Capcom had drawn too often from the same well.

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likerussia2799d ago

I thought this game could have done better, it was too reptitive although the graphics were gorgeous.

Reibooi2799d ago

The only thing I truly disliked about DMC4 was the re use of old bosses and some of the bad level design later in the game. Aside from that I loved it. It had a great story(I liked Nero despite everyone hating on him for some reason) great characters and was drop dead gorgeous at the time(In fact it still looks really damn good).

I was under the impression the game sold well and was generally well received which is why I'm confused at Capcom thinking they needed a Reboot.

midgard2272799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


i loved dmc 4 and like you the only thing i didnt like was that dante had to backtrack everything nero did. and re-using bosses although thats a capcom trend since the nes days with megaman.

nero was awesome no matter what anyone says, would love to see nero again, but im sad there is a reboot, they didnt need one


Your totally right, People label him emo because his girl got captured and could have been killed, tortured or raped or all of the above, but him caring makes him emo apparently

oricon2799d ago

Its the typical western gamer that hates him, he got sad when he nearly loses his girlfriend like a normal person would, but hes "emo" because of it, typical western gamers want characters who are angry or whatever. >>

Katana Yamato2799d ago

No. The reason everyone hated him was he cried at practically every cutscene. We don't know why Nero and Kyrie fell in love in the first place because they were practically raised as brother and sister, which is quite sickening. And also he was an unnecessary character at that,that added more confusion to a storyline that has enough plotholes as is.

I won't feel any great loss if he never returns. The only thing i wanted to know is how he's connected to Sparda (and no he's not Vergil's son cause that DMC 4 novel is not canon).

So yea, don't try to play if off as sum Western, Eastern thing when its just people with bad taste that like him simply.

Reibooi2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

@Katana Yamato

You are aware that the way Nero acts towards Kyrie in DMC4 is damn close to the way Dante acts towards Trish in the first game right. I mean right down to the cheesy ending. The only difference is that Nero was voiced better and could rely the emotion that she should logically have in the situation that call for it.

I hate to tell you but your opinion isn't gospel. Just because you don't like him doesn't mean those who do are in bad taste or anything of the sort. People have differing opinions and that's the great thing about having said opinions they are allowed to be different. You don't like Nero? Great all the more power to ya. But don't tell people they are wrong because they do. It's their opinion and their right to like em if you like it or not.

Katana Yamato2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

@Reibooi: Actually no Dante in DMC 1 didn't react anything like Nero did in DMC 4. Because the only time Dante showed emotions for Trish when was Mundus killed her. Also, when he saved her from that falling rock after the final Nightmare battle, he pretty much brushed her off, no romantic emotions there.

So i don't know how you can see Nero there, because Dante never really express any feelings for Trish cause he doesn't see her as a love interest, just as sumone who looks like his mother. Whereas sumone like Kyrie is suppose to be the big sister/little sister to Nero but Capcom got stupid and made her into a love interest.

That ending wasn't cheesy compared to DMC 4. It just convey that Dante and Trish are partners and were off to do another mission together. Whereas DMC 4 left off as not giving us the answer to the question we wanted answered: which was what is Nero's actual connection to Sparda. So no, sum crappy romance ending that had the depth of a kiddie pool, isn't sufficient. DMC 4 had a terrible story, probably worse then DMC 2 in sum degree.

Oh and i hate to tell you, your opinion isn't gospel either. You might like unnecessary characters that don't contribute anything to the DMC storyline besides sum cliche anime shojo storyline, but i do not and that's not what DMC is about in the first place.

And i didn't say the people who liked Nero are wrong. This isn't about being wrong or right, i don't know how you got to that conclusion.

Maybe DMC 4 is the first DMC game you played, then i might let you slide on that. But if you played the games in the order that they were release, then you really have the worse judge of character for the series.

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chadwarden2799d ago

The biggest problem for me were those damn puzzles especially that one puzzle where if you chose the wrong path, you get pushed back all the way to the beginning of the level.

ABizzel12799d ago

It's funny that they used soulless to describe DMC4, because that's the exact word I used to describe it. It was a good game, but it was boring to play.

phoenixdown2799d ago

the backtracking was terrible and it got real repetitive. it also didn't let you play as dante in the beginning. wtf was up with that? the older dmc games are better.

Redempteur2799d ago

if they had to let you play as dante in the beginning they would have to think of YET another reason to nerf him. i'd rather have to same badass dante we got later

Maester072799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Although the gameplay was incredibly fun and the graphics were amazing for their time (and now to some extent) I felt the story was never as coherent as the earlier titles (like 1 and 3) and repeated maps and bosses more than any of its predecessors.

The second title I have never played and have no intention of doing so.
As for the new Dante re-invention...he's completely unrecognisable.

Fantastically worded article. Brought to mind many mutual feelings about the game which I had almost forgotten.

ZombieAssassin2799d ago

Pretty much the only thing I didn't like about DMC4 was having to fight the same bosses more than once, besides that I loved the game just wish it would of focused more on Dante.

Enigma_20992799d ago

The only thing I hated about it? Nero looked TOO much like Dante. And he sounded like Vash the Stampede...

Katana Yamato2799d ago

That's because Vash and Nero have the same voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch. He's also voiced Ichigo from Bleach and countless others.

Enigma_20992799d ago

NOOOOOO!!! Really?!?!?[/sarcasm]