We survived the end of the world - Three reasons why the end could have been fun

Yesterday was Judgement Day, according to the Prophet Harold Camping (he was 100% sure). Judgement Day, the day the end of the world begins and millions will die began at 6AM Pacific Time. The end of the world sounds like something bad, but it can also be fun.

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RedDead3533d ago

1: I'd prefer to live

2: I would never get into heaven because i'm an atheist

3: End of the world means End of the world. If it was almighty judgement I doubt it would involve zombies or a wasteland's all bullshit anyway so who cares?

Kingsora3533d ago

well according to the bible it would take 5 months for the world to completely end, so yes there would probably be some kind of wasteland for 5 months.

And maybe you can go to heaven if you lived a good live, even if you are an atheist :p

DarkCharizard_3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Atheist point of view is ignorant. Belief in God has decreased with the new generation. Ok fine, you dont wanna believe in the Lord.. but how can you deny his eternal and ever-present existence? We humans have believed in him for thousands of years and millions of generations. Were all of those people wrong? Or is this new generation right? You decide!

You can be agnostic or deist. But being atheist is plain stupid.

rabidpancakeburglar3533d ago


I'm agnostic but I think about god as an athiest would. I don't think that being athiest is ignorant, it just means that they look at the fact that there is no proof for gods existence and are happy to believe that he doesn't exist.

Your point about people believing for thousands of years is not a good one as most people will always cling to blind faith in a being that they know nothing about. IMO all religions are just cults that got followers, Christianity and Islam are no different from scientology

Kingsora3533d ago

@ Darkcharizard: It doesn't mean because people believe hundreds of year in something that it is true. For example: They thought for a very long time the earth was flat and they were all wrong.

SuperSaiyan43533d ago

Earth being flat and figuring out it wasn't was pretty easy.

However look around you, look at ourselves as human beings our bodies are soo advanced only now are scientists able to start creating body parts i.e. ear and heart. Look at kidney machines they are huge yet inside our bodies its a small piece of mush.

We didn't just suddenly appear how is it first it was Dinosaurs where we have proof via bones and then suddenly humans came about.

And the evolution about us being monkeys is absolutly stupid if that was true then why didn't all the other monkeys evolve??

God created the world and the universe and all that is in it. If you don't want to believe then that is entirely up to you, freedom of choice.

Kingsora3533d ago

I do want to believe it, but sometimes the stories of the Bible are just absurd.

Not believing in the evolution theory is kinda strange. Over thousand of years people and animals evolve. We probably still do.

rabidpancakeburglar3533d ago

"And the evolution about us being monkeys is absolutly stupid if that was true then why didn't all the other monkeys evolve??"

That is just stupidity on your part, humans were part of the primate family as are monkeys. That's like saying why isn't a snake a lizard as they are both reptiles

kookie3533d ago

It is like one miweeon twoops

kuroukage3533d ago

This is a gaming news site. Stupid that this got approved considering that fact that this has 0 to do with gaming and all to do with religious nutjobs. Epic fail for letting this through.