First screens released for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version

Capcom has released the first screenshots for the just announced Playstation 3 game, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version.

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Wolfie3533d ago

looks clean and sharp :) not disappointed :)

Max_Dissatisfaction3533d ago

I disagree somewhat, looks just how I expected it to look, not impressive. Instead of remastering, they should totally remake from the ground up.

Istanbull3533d ago

Looks very good indeed, the fact that it is HD and 3D compatible makes this a must buy for me, hell all PSP Remasters will be a must buy!

waltyftm3533d ago

Looks very nice, Really lookng forward to this.

Apotheosize3533d ago

Wow it doesnt look bad, been waiting for a PS3 MH for a long time

Lirky3533d ago

Im sure they will smoothen the textures more and make it more polished. It would be nice if they add online play too up to 4 players co op questing or collecting stuff.