First trailer for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version on Playstation 3

The first trailer has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 game, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version. Also check out the full press release for the PSP Remaster series for the Playstation 3.

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warrior99882796d ago

im buying .... either way

NukaCola2796d ago

God this one HD Port alone is going to sell millions. This is one of the highest bought games on PSP, and I think as long as it has online, it'll sell just as much if not more on PS3(Expecially in JP alone.)

rjdofu2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Hell yeah. But I think it'll be even better if they add some new contents like G-rank & monsters instead of just porting the PSP version and leaving it there.

BTW, is it a beta? The graphic is nearly the same as when i look at the psp small screen.

Kee2796d ago

Definitely more. It's a game I'd play on the ps3 because of the multiplayer aspect. Yeah people have been buying PSPs just to play this game...

It's coming west, the port, isn't it? I'll want to get my hands on that.

qface642796d ago

you guys actually believe it would sell MORE than 5 million? heck you guys think it will sell even close to 5 million?

you guys must really not know anything about the monster hunter series to think that way

rjdofu2795d ago

qface64: What do you mean? Nobody stated about the 5 millon. Heck, of course it sells more than 5 millons, the whole series sale is 17million months ago. You make it sounds like the whole series sale is under 5 million.

If you truely mean that, then STFU.

sikbeta2795d ago

Freaking Awesome, Day One!

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rezzah2796d ago

As much as I love the MH series, I'm skipping on this due to lack of time and around 5 games (and more in the next few months) to beat out.

My main reason is that I want a MH game built from the ground up for the system, not a HD version of a portable game.

badz1492796d ago

a MH game for PS3 is so long overdue! personally I don't play MH games but there are lots of PSP games I'm missing as my PSP died already and I'm waiting for NGP and this is really a great move by Sony just like the PS2 HD collections as they will benefit those who haven't play all these games in their original form! can't wait for MGS PW, KH BBS, GoW CoO and GoW GoS! make it happen Sony!

captain-obvious2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

looks nice
needs a bet more work an textures and smoke/dirt effects tho
but all and all looks nice

KiasuKiasiMan2796d ago

looks not bad. I hope Capcom hasn't localized the PSP version because they're only going to localize the PS3 version.

trounbyfire2796d ago

hey i am trying to forget its made by capcom because this looks BAD A$$, epics fight in coming

RedDead2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Oh yes

Looks like my Wii has run it's course

Max_Dissatisfaction2796d ago

Funny you should say that because it looks like a wii game, fact more like a ps2 game

rezzah2796d ago

I agree, it basically looks like the first MH released on the PS2 years ago.

zep2796d ago

this is better than nothing but its looks like ps2 graphics

KiasuKiasiMan2796d ago

Yeah it does. Hope it has dual analog stick support though like the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd version for the NGP which they demoed in Jan.

Hmms, could there be a connection? That the HD version and the NGP versions are the same?

NukaCola2796d ago

Oh good thought. Maybe having this on PS3 means you can put it onto the NGP. Like how they can be shared. awesome

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