Enter PS3's Onyx World: New PS3 Brand Campaign Starts On TV Next Week

Next week, Sony Computer Entertainment America will be bringing its new PS3 brand campaign to TV. Unlike the initial "White Room" ads, these will focus on key titles and PS3 features. GameDaily Biz chat with Kim Ngyuen, SCEA Marketing Manager, about the new focus.

Kim Ngyuen says:

"We briefed the [ad] agency in April that we wanted to emphasize the entertainment qualities and show off the primary titles [for the PS3] this Holiday season," described Ngyuen when asked about how the campaign was initially envisioned. "We wanted to show that, firstly, the games are here this holiday; come and get them! Secondly, we wanted to demonstrate that [the PS3] is an entertainment powerhouse.

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lilwingman4015d ago

I've seen a few examples of the new campaign online... I think it looks great.

ATLRoAcH4015d ago

Ads for the PS3 is an awesome thing.

drtysouf214015d ago

i think this will be a much better campaign then the White Room ones.

lonestarmt4015d ago

good, I think the whole crying baby, and woman on the john didn't really help ps3 image. Its time!!! new TV/ad campaign, Rachet and clank, heavenly sword, folklore, uncharted, get the word out sony! Hopefully the sleeping giant as awakened.

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The story is too old to be commented.