Alter-Ego: Only doom in the hall

Massively: Just after my column went live last week, we saw the Sony Online Entertainment servers start to come back online. Those of us who consider DC Universe Online our MMO home were able to once again get our hero or villain on and meet up with friends we'd been relegated to catching up with on Facebook. (Don't get me wrong, Facebook is fine for what it is, but it can't compare with getting to bash virtual superhero or supervillain heads in alongside your league-mates!)

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kuroukage3528d ago

Surprised people still play this game. I heard it was trash. And by the number of servers going all the way down to 4 so quickly since release; I'd say that's correct. :P

zootang3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Head over to the DC Universe forums. It's still alive and kicking and very well populated. Open world Gotham city and Metropolis, fighting in large groups against some of the most famous comic book characters ever. What's not to love?