Gamecom P90 (PS3) Bluetooth Headset Review *Brutal Gamer*

Plantronics released the Gamecom P90 Bluetooth headset for the PlayStation 3 last month as a $39.99 alternative to Sony’s official PS3 Bluetooth headset. In electronics, the cheaper alternative is often cheaper for a reason, but Plantronics seems to have delivered the exception to the rule with the Gamecom P90.

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dragunrising2708d ago

I don't regret buying the official one as it has more features. If you get it via Amazon its $10 cheaper than retail (including tax).

The Gamecom P90 is still missing a few features including the ability to act as a microphone; the official has a dock in which your able to charge and still chat. It also doesn't automatically pair with the PS3 or include an in-game indicator to check its status.

kwicksandz2708d ago

The terribly uncomfortable offical ps3 headset i do regret purchasing. Even sony must have realised the design was flawed because they released an updated model.

Never used the mic function as that kinda defeats the point of a wireless headset imo. if the plantronics doesnt make your ear fall off then it gets my vote