Plasma Station : Portal 2 Review

Valve’s sequel to one of the most interesting puzzle games made for gaming. With precise physics and lots of thinking Portal 2 has a lot to live up too. Portal was one of the most unique first person shooters when it came out, and people have been waiting patiently for a sequel and it has finally arrived. Valve has built a rich single player, coop, and a whole bunch of goodies that will keep you playing Portal 2 for a while. If you liked Portal you will fall in love with Portal 2 with its much longer single player campaign, and its other story for coop. Portal has the best physics-based puzzles in a video game, and the sequel raises the bar. GLaDOS is back and with a vengeance, wanting to put you through endless tests but something’s can’t stay the same and it changes the game. GLaDOS is funnier then ever, with jokes that will make you laugh and chuckle at some points because GLaDOS knows how to give humor to the players. It is hard to make a sequel to Portal because you have to be very creative and making it longer must have been difficult but Valve pulled it off perfect...

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