ARMA III System Requirements & New Screens

ARMA III is on the way, and while not set to release until next year, Bohemia Interactive has already been giving us some good info on the newest sim in their series. Just recently we've been given access to the system requirements, and in typical ARMA fashion, the game is fairly daunting in its specs. All you fans of the series should have expected this, but it looks like even a decent rig now may need some upgrades come the third installment (we can help you with that!). There are also some new screens to drool over proving that an upgrade may just very well be worth that dough. Check out the screens and system requirements below and figure out your next plan of attack.

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ATiElite2759d ago

same screens we already saw but luckily they look great so I don't mind viewing them again.

ms882759d ago

Sweet screens but it looks like it's gonna be a b*tch to run...

Time to start saving up.

KeiserSosay47882759d ago

What's up with the scuba pic? I'm definitely excited for that.

yamzilla2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Damn....looks sexy, hope they fix the terrible voice cues.

I'll be able to run it with me old i-7 and twin 570's and 6gb drr3 1333

but i plan to build a new rig in the next 6 months just for fun, might sell off this one or just keep it, keeping it is kinda dumb

already got a q6700 6gb ddr2 rig laying around doing nothing

Scrotie_McBoogerball2759d ago

Gota love the old rig build up.

Mine end up getting scavenged for powers cords, connectors, mounting brackets/screw, LED's, fans etc.

earbus2759d ago

Lol damm thats ur old rig thats what im getting soon ha 2600k.

Drjft2759d ago

You guys are daft.

You realise how easy it is to make amazing looking screenshots?

If you think those ones will be indicative of how the game will actually look... well you need to wake up.

Pic definitely related.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

You obviously don't or haven't played much of the current ARMA games on max settings.

I can see the game looking exactly like this.

Drjft2759d ago

My PC:

CPU: Phenom x4 955 @ 3.9Ghz
RAM: 8GB G-Skill Ripjaws 1333 Mhz
GPU: Two HIS Radeon 6850's OC'd in CrossFire OR a GTX 580 (Whatever I wanna use)

I play with everything on Max. I have 400 hours in ArmA 2 Multiplayer.

Kindly fuck off now :)

evrfighter12759d ago

you amd isn't enough to max out arma II. In fact your cpu is a huge bottleneck for that game.

sorry. That's just the way it is. How do I know? I've taken my phenom II x4 to 3.7 and the fps with a 570 and 6970 are still horrible jacked up.

Just trying it last night with a 2500k @ 4.6ghz doubled my frame rate.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2759d ago

@ Drjft

Could have kept it non personal there mate -1 bubble for personal attack.

I have a more beef system than you have... Check my profile and I still can't max ARMA 2 for god sake.

Some people believe that a pentium 4 (not that that was what you have) could take you to the moon lol

dry_ice2758d ago

My PC:
CPU: AMD 1090T x6 @ 4.3 Ghz
RAM: 8GB 1600 RAM
GPU: 2x Twin Frozr Radeon 6870's Crossfire
GPU: 1x GTX 480 Heavy OC + OV

Neither setup was capable of running anywhere near max settings on Operation Arrowhead. Yes, they could both run "high", but the framerates are always variable.

They make these games to bring current top rigs to their knees and challenge top rigs 2-3 years down the road.

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