Gamepro's Ratchet :TOD review - 5/5

Ratchet has been getting a flurry of good reviews today. After IGN ,Gamepro has also given Ratchet a very good score. This is what the reviewer said :-

"Let's start with the thing console gamers hold most dear: the graphics. Tools of Destruction definitely delivers in the visuals department, doling out sweet eye candy like a friendly old lady at Halloween.

It would be easy to take the lush and vivid detail of the game for granted, but witnessing a giant building collapse as you rail-grind passed it is truly a jaw dropping experience. The best part is that the game's frame-rate never dips or stutters, which means the intense action never misses a beat."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4016d ago

Does EB games have it in stock today?

the worst4016d ago

but i got my copy
mom & pop stores rules

Lightning Mr Bubbles4016d ago

I just asked if EB games has it in stock today or not. They disagree to a question?

Or could it be some XBOX 360 fanboy who doesn't want me to buy the game or something? sheesh...

CrazzyMan4016d ago

disagree could also mean NO. =))

ATLRoAcH4016d ago

thats pretty funny disagrees to a question hell the agrees are even misplaced.Well you asked a question and I don't no the answer sorry.Oh and WOW another perfect score....maybe we have a winner here.

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Bazookajoe_834016d ago

I want it now so i can play it before Cod4 releases, man there´s to many gams coming..

dfcm20034016d ago

I have played the demo, and I am not 100% sure I will get the game, but I love to see those high scores coming in, seeing the PS3, cant make good games, and is not equal to 360, etc... LOL YEA What EVER

Bebedora4016d ago

Ok, I'm joking. :)

R&C will be my best owned ps3 game when it comes.

*HS, Very prety and nice story. So-so gameplay besides the aiming was cool
*Enchated Arm, not what I was expecting. Worked barely to play all out
*Motorstorm, now that's explosive fun! Very nice and appreciated by my friends
*NHL '08, Very nice hockey. Best from EA ever. Still glitches and lots of crashes when I got it. Now adays it's not (?!?!?)

Now ratchet & clank.....that's a game to play!

Panthers4016d ago

if those are all the games you own, you are missing out on Resistance and Rainbow Six.

Bebedora4016d ago

I would like to try Resistance, but I'll wait for a lower price.
FPS:s aren't my thing, sadly enough since they are 10 on a dozen games coming out.

I'll take Folklore later and Uncharted. Then we'll see what's next after that.

MK_Red4016d ago

Finally, a good score from GamePro. They either give low score to good games or high score to bad games (4.5/5 or something to Boogie!!).

I can only imagine what score this game could have earned if it had multiplayer. 11/10!?

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