Alice Madness Returns: $15 off for a limited time

Amazon has lowered the price of the next upcoming sequel Alice: Madness Returns for a limited time. Not only do you get the original offer below, but save $15 by doing it.

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SarahFox2707d ago

i thought the first alice was a little underrated, i'm usually not a fan of button mashers but it was a nice change from constant FPS

-Mezzo-2707d ago

Agreed, I'm not to sure about this one though, I think I'll wait for the Reviews, which i don't usually do but judging by what i have seen so far, I'm not Excited about this 1.

Soldierone2707d ago

First one was all about story. The gameplay was fun. However the story allowed for the environments to come alive, it was so amazing. McGee makes for some great darker stories with meaning behind them.

earbus2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I never did finish the first alice may have to dig it out,i really got into scrapland thought it had some great ideas. I posted the trailer on facebook alot of soft core gamers and friends seemed very intrested and added the link.

NukaCola2706d ago

I am looking forward to this game. It is definitely not the in your face title, but after watching the videos showing how polished the gameplay, story, and graphics are, I see no reason to look away. I don't know if I'll get it day one, but I think it'll be bought within the month. I loved ALICE and this looks to be just as awesome. American McGee is a daark mutha-effer and I love his story telling.

Off Topic but On TOpic: I wonder why American McGee's OZ was never make released. That game looked brilliant as all hell.