New PS3 remote control to include QWERTY keyboard

Third-party video game accessory manufacturer Hyperkin has announced the upcoming launch of its PS3 Remotext. The PS3 Remotext, which will be released in early June, includes a slide-out full QWERTY keypad as well as DVD/Blu-ray Control. It also lets gamers text others on the Playstation Network or use its dual analog sticks and buttons to navigate PS3 games.

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ATiElite2801d ago

What no picture? come on.

SactoGamer2801d ago

None will be released for another couple of weeks.

PhoenixDevil2801d ago

Hey there is already a similar kinda product like this, except with out the DVD/Blu-ray control called the PS3 Eagle Eye

you can use it to write text play any game with, great for PC fans with games that dnt have native keyboard/mouse support :)

Godmars2902801d ago

Then what was the point of making this announcement? As you say, its coming out in weeks. If they had any confidence in it, it would have been shown months ago.

xGet_In_There2801d ago

never was a fan of third party accessories. This sounded nice up until the word "dongle" showed up. I hate dongles. Already have 80 things that I have plugged into my PS3, don't need another.

SactoGamer2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Totally agree, man.

TardcoreGamer2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

exactly. plus dongle devices have never been able to turn "ON" the ps3 remotely.

Mr Tretton2801d ago

Kind of not nessecary. I mean if you're watching a movie, you won't get notifications to answer anyway

Joni-Ice2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Using Netflix, notifications will still pop up which I find great. I like to stay connected to PSN.