Ratchet and Clank Released Today: First Reviews Promising

After some confusion Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is released today in the U.S. Is this the family friendly system seller the Playstation 3 has been waiting for? Early reviews say so.

So is this a quality title for PS3 owners and prospective PS3 buyers? Oh yes, and maybe more. This is a game that will be hard to find on any other system, a bright and colourful action adventure game for all the family, with sharp humour and solid shooter platforming gameplay.

And don't worry, the pessimism in the review should largely be ignored, with criticisms that state the graphics aren't that much of a step up from the PS2 games, and with little mention of character design and animation (one of the big strengths in the game), it's hard to take them seriously.

Ratchet and Clank Future is a game is certainly looking forward to and since it's in the shops now, they suggest you give it a whirl also.

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dfcm20034017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

If the retail stores will leave this game on the PS3, this holiday season, the sales of PS3 will explode. Funny thing, seems the local EB games, which changed it name, will not even turn on the PS3, but the 360 is always on. I wonder ????????????????????

etownone4017d ago

oh shutup.

you guys with your conspiracy theories....when will it ever end?

Vavoom4017d ago

If anyone out there has this yet, can you tell me if it runs at 1080i because my older Panasonic plasma doesn't support 720p. Also, does it have a multiplayer function?

Please advise.

techie4017d ago

It supports 1080i. It is a single-player only game

dfcm20034017d ago

OMG, LOLL, I guess I'm just plain blind, I guess the store does have PS3 on, and I'm just looking at the wrong place? LOL geez.......

ATLRoAcH4017d ago

None of the game stops I go to ever have the PS3 on.Oh, and this article is so on cue.

Mr_Kuwabara4017d ago

It's probably someone that works at that store and he's trying to burn the store by leaving the 360 on and overheating it so that he can steal some PS3's.

It's actually a good plan. XD

TheSadTruth4017d ago

Strange.. when I bought a PS2, one of the reasons wasn't for Ratchet & Clank.

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akira4017d ago

i cant wait to play this game!.. woohooo! this is a game that would start the ps3 dominance in the gaming market. its a good thing i preordered it. alrighty!! im gonna play it tomorrow. and about that review from 1 up they have been kissing microsofts ass from day 1. werent they one of those review sites that gave halo 3 a perfect score. DUH! WTF!! are they blind or something! at least now all ps3 fanboys knows what site to avoid... peace out dudes! AAAHUUUUU!

Nostradavis4017d ago

Nice! Can't wait to play this one.

unlimited4017d ago

i laugh so hard at the 1up

Makroyale4017d ago

if it's an IGN review as they're usually on target.

So, ignore the lowest and highest reviews and see what IGN has to say is my general practice.

IdontTakeSides4017d ago

Im geting this game first thing 2morrow...can't wait Uncharted next...great times...!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.