Cnet- L.A. Noire And The State Of Interactive Storytelling: Are We There Yet?

Cnet: "For all the accomplishments of the video game industry, there are still barriers that interactive entertainment has yet to break. Many games look fantastic and play well, but with few if any exceptions, there remains a stubborn wall between the player/observer and the characters in the game world (sometimes linked to the evolving "Are games art?" debate).

There are many symptoms of this phenomenon, from stiff animation to stilted dialogue to unconvincing voiceover work, and the situation now is only marginally better than it was when I started writing about games more than a decade ago (many players can name a handful of choice performances, but these are the rare exception, rather than the rule).

Coming closest, in recent memory at least, to bridging that gap (which is much deeper than the typical explanation of an "uncanny valley" between near-photographic images and reality) is L.A. Noire, a gritty detective story set in 1940s Los Angeles."

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Hagaf223529d ago

I've had a good time playing this game, but like GTA I feel that I will become bored of the monotony before I finish it. Find clues, interrogate people, solve case, repeat cycle. Great game, but for the replay value it should be a renter.

LOGICWINS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Thats why I'm waiting for the price to come down. I'll buy it in a year in a half when its like 15 or 20 bux at Gamestop. The game might be worth 60 dollars to another type of gamer..but not to me.

I LOVE a good story...but I'd rather spend my money on single player games that offer a great story AND a great replay value such as:

Infamous 2(UCG content makes for ultimate replay value since the missions literally NEVER end with the amount of people across the globe CONSTANTLY making new missions)

Yakuza 3 or 4(FANTASTIC 18 hour main story, 100 substories, hitman missions, fighting tournament arena, ultimate skill challenges, premium adventure, hard mode, very hard mode etc. This amounts EASILY to over 100 hours of gameplay)

I've been playing Yakuza 3 for 45 hours and I only have 43% completion.

BrianG3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I feel that Heavy Rain did a nice job as well with interactive story telling.

But LA Noire is a very nice edition to the genre. I really like examining the crime scene, getting to know people and how they lie. I feel one of the main differences between this game and Heavy Rain is the voice acting. Much more spot on in this title, which also benefits from greater facial animations for the most part. Character Animations are great as well.

Definitely one of my favorite games so far this year.

Ahasverus3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I just finished DVD 1 and I can firmly say.. we are ALMOST there. we are /this/ close, the game is marvelous, the acting is marvelous, its storytelling is marvelous, like nothing before.

And whoever says it's boring or not "game enough" just hasn't played it, while it's different, it' as game as any other out there, no QTE's, no interminable cutscenes, and you are under control all time. Also, I don't understand why reviewers said there was no action.. there is ALWAYS some kind of action in all cases,,, there's one pursuit in a movie set with a gang involved and I can say it's one of the most exhilarating action sequences I've ever played.

TheLastGuardian20103529d ago

At the end of the day I still say we have a bit to go.

That said L.A Noire is a game that really creates a fine line between cinema, and video games. It literarlly feels as if your in this blockbuster detective film.

The story, while awesome, still isn't there yet in terms of where oscar films, and pultizer prized books are.

But L.A Noire is a huge step forward....HUGE step.

I can only imagine if David Cage, and Team Bondi get together to make a

BrianG3529d ago

That would be interesting, seeing a project designed by both studios. I'm open for more games like this, it's a nice break away from the same old.

Tex1173528d ago

Im really not a fan of David Cage's work. Any "story-teller" that out and out lies to the listner isn't a good story teller.

They need to have tried and true screen -writers and authors to take a shot at writing something for a video game.

And the problem will always be how do you have a "realistic" story while balancing fun gameplay.