Today in History: May 22nd 2000 – Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64 at Video Game Cowboys

Carl Williams writes, "Taking on a license like James Bond 007 and making a great title was challenge enough, but to take on the task of creating a spiritual successor game based around an all original premise must have been a nightmare. That is exactly what Rare did in May of 2000 for the Nintendo 64 system, they created a title that many feel surpassed that British spy’s exploits in many ways including making the protagonist a little easier on the eyes."

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Solidus187-SCMilk3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

you could have alot of bots and 4 player splitscreen, but with to many bots it would slow down unless you played 1 player with the full amount of bots.

This game also had co-op and something called counter-op, where one player is the good guy and the other spawns as the enemies and tries to kill them. It would slow down soooooo much tho, so this mode wasnt as loved as it could have been.

This game is great, and I must say that the secondary fire of melee was awesome to do and scream "disarm!" at your friend as you take their gun and shoot them with it.

Also Laptop gun, Farsight, super dragon and the Dragon were awesome guns.

LocO_o3528d ago

So who owns the PD name? If MS then why havent they done something with this and Killer Instincts.

triverse3528d ago

I believe the PD name is owned by Rare/Microsoft since they did release Perfect Dark Zero (either a launch, or near it, title) and a remake of Perfect Dark called Perfect Dark: XBLA (2010).

Killer Instinct, I think is owned by Rare/Microsoft also and have no idea why they haven't done anything with that property lately.

triverse3528d ago

Wow Solidus187, you truly were a fan of Perfect Dark weren't you? That is awesome tidbits there, thanks for mentioning them!