OXCGN’s Virtua Tennis 4 Review: A Grand-Slam Ace or just a ‘Foul Ball’?


"Believe it or not, Virtua Tennis 4 is not actually the fourth Virtua Tennis game. It is actually the fifth and follows the last one which was released in 2009.

"The game is broken down into a few areas, the World Tour, Arcade and Exhibition modes and if you feel like a bit of fun, you can play the Mini-Games – some of which are very strange.

"Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold its appeal for very long after that though, so replayability is somewhat limited."

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XboxOZ3603534d ago

It does seem to cover a lot, but not tailor itself to one specific genre enough.

I believe the online aspect is decent enough, but these sorts of sport titles only have a specific following, and obviously only have a limited sales market - sadly.

CaptainMarvelQ83533d ago

Top Spin 4 YO
actually, have you guys noticed that both games are at their fourth numbered title
Major coincidence?