New Videos of Infamous 2 Looks Stunning

More than 45 minutes of videos of Infamous 2 hava leaked and here in nicarevolution we got it for you.

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WetN00dle692705d ago

Looks almost as good as Witcher 2 on Ultra Settings.
Cant wait for this game.

ATiElite2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

No way! inFamous 2 looks totally great but i wouldn't put it in The Witcher 2 category.

Ok here is some ON screen game play of inFamous 2 to show you it's graphical power.

and i have attached some video of the Witcher 2 and sure many of you will be like they almost look the same..NO NO NO! notice the amount of graphical detail, draw distance, dust, volumetric light, real time god rays, physics of cloth, the guys arm getting cut off around 2:50, volumetric smoke, blood spashes, and a ton of other things.

inFamous 2 looks great but The Witcher 2 just has a higher level of detail and other eye popping effects.

Abash2705d ago

inFamous 2 is by far the best looking open world game on any console. R* should take note

Infamous22705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

You do realize that InFamous 2 video you showed was almost 5 months ago LOL. The gameplay and graphics improved from then to now.

waterboy2705d ago

i accidentally agreed with you

evrfighter12704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

only goes to show how bad console kids want the witcher 2 :)

don't blame you guys. It's one of the few games that is pulling AAA in both critic and user reviews

just watched the video...Is this the ps2 version? horrible textures.

MaxXAttaxX2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


Almost everyone here has a computer. You're acting like you're part of some exclusive club.
Anyone can get Witcher 2 if they want to.

WetN00dle69 may have overshot it. But there's no need to downplay InFamous 2.

Besides, that video you showed was almost half a year old and even the off-screen footage of current build of the game looks REALLY good.

Why you PC fanboys raid console exclusive game articles that talk about visuals, shows some serious insecurity on your part. If consoles don't pose a threat to you guys, then why so defensive? Why are you so quick to come here? I didn't see "PC" in the tags.

evrfighter12704d ago

hey you're the one getting defensive. Look around all the console kids here want the witcher

they are bringing it up every chance they get because they're stuck with noire lol.

WetN00dle692704d ago

Yeah i know, i bought The Witcher 2 day one and i am loving it. CDProjekt did an amazing job with their new Engine. Even if you play it on Minimal settings the game looks amazing!

MaxXAttaxX2703d ago

Like I said before. Anyone here with a computer could get Witcher if they wanted to.

And why are you here again? I didn't see anything PC related in the article. Must be that good ol' PC fanboy insecurity.

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mafia_pc2705d ago

Your joke is funny.

kramun2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

'Looks almost as good as Witcher 2 on Ultra Settings. '

Console gamers only wish it could look as good. Maybe with the next generation. Maybe next time.


'happy 9800gtx sli owner and i can still play witcher 2. '

What do you want, a medal?

jack_burt0n2705d ago

dont bully pc nuts they have to have something to justify buying a new gfx card every 6 months look at crysis 2 lol

happy 9800gtx sli owner and i can still play witcher 2.

ATiElite2705d ago

whoopie it's DX9 and I'm sure your NOT playing in Ultra Settings with Uber Sampling ON at 1920 x 1200P.

I hope you don't like Arma 3 cause if you do your gonna need to UPGRADE!

560ti GTX Sli...I'm good until DX12 which is years away so who buys a GPU every 6 months? Nobody!

MaxXAttaxX2704d ago

Wow! PC elitists are even douchebags to other PC gamers.

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ksense2705d ago

The BEAST is coming and I will be READY!!

Rage_S902704d ago

General Rage ready for action sir *salutes*

HolyOrangeCows2704d ago

The whole "Beast" twist was so awesome in Infamous. It caught me off guard and got me excited for more things related to the InFamous universe.

mafia_pc2705d ago

Red Dead Redemption has better and more realistic graphics.
Infamous 2 looks good but nothing more.

LarVanian2705d ago

Perhaps you should wait until inFamous 2 is officially released. That way you can judge it fairly against RDR, instead of basing your opinion off low-quality youtube videos :)

Hoje03082705d ago

I've actually played both games and while RDR might have better art direction as far as you're concerned, inFamous 2 is more technically impressive. Deal with it.

metsgaming2705d ago

ROFL the texture popping in RDR was unforgivable it was disgusting. Plus the graphics weren't that great anyway.

rdgneoz32705d ago

@mafia_pc All I have to say, is Donkey Woman is not better or realistic...

As for inFamous 2, looks amazing, can't wait for my copy to get here.

HeavenlySnipes2704d ago

this game looks pretty much the same as RDR, but it has destructibility, more NPCs, smoke effects, lightning effects for Cole and I believe dynamic lighting.

The game has mo-cap with voice acting done simultaneously like Uncharted 2 to bring a cinematic realistic experience.

I'm not going to blast RDR because I have it and its great, but I can see myself playing InFamous 2 more than I have played RDR.

MysticStrummer2704d ago

You like the art design of RDR better. I2 looks better from a technical standpoint.

ps3bestever2704d ago

from a specific fan of 360 lol

ipe2704d ago

RDR- huge desert with 4 "towns" each with few wooden houses. Only black water is little bigger but still nothing special. Oh and bland textures left and right, pop in and what not. I have almost all RDR trophies so believe me i know what game is rdr. Nevertheless great game.

gta4 is more impressive than rdr, but i liked rdr more as a game package, u figure out.

dgonza402704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

In terms of graphics, InFamous2 wipes the floor with RDR regardless of how "realistic" it looks. The detail is amazing, the art style is just different.
so you have it backwards: RDR looks good and nothing more.

I'll give the character animation to RDR though, it was excellent. In InFamous, you can tell it's a bit choppy with his 6 second air-time leaps of a cougar and dramatic running

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WetN00dle692705d ago

The question is, Where did they get the game from? Leak perhaps.

It seems this is the full version.

jwk942705d ago

Probably the press copy since it just went gold.

LarVanian2705d ago

It was just a preview version. Go to 12:20 on the second video.

Hoje03082705d ago

I want to watch these but am afraid of spoilers. Do I have anything to worry about?

LarVanian2705d ago

There are some slight spoilers. Nothing too major though.

sickbird2705d ago

Just pre ordered, $39.99 BOOM. Love Amazon....LOVE IT.

metsgaming2705d ago

is there a credit with infamous 2 or would they not announce something like that yet?

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