Is Sony Playing Games With Verizon?

SG: E3 is right around the corner and the gaming world is abuzz with information leaks, excitement, and, well… racism. As exciting as all those things are to some of us, others around here are getting excited about the new hardware Sony has headed to PlayStation Land with their upcoming NGP handheld. Clearly there are several ways the NGP can be mishandled by Sony but we may have just been given a big fat hint that one of the potential roadblocks is being preemptively addressed by an announcement from Verizon regarding changes to their 3G data plans. Changes that could have NGP customers gallantly gratifying their genitals. After all, those are the 3 G’s in 3G aren’t they?

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-Mezzo-2711d ago

This sounds like an idea that could work, people can get PSP 2 with a 1/2 Year contract or something, just like the Cellphones.

Tony-Red-Grave2711d ago

"gallantly gratifying their genitals."

common you know you want to laugh folks

blumatt2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I hope Sony allows us to buy 3G a month at a time or a year at a time (similar to how you buy 3G on an iPad). 1 or 2 year subscriptions would be a huge turn off to potential buyers. It's nice to know you can just buy a month's worth of 3G and then the next month if you can't afford it, you just don't buy it.

I'm probably going to get the non-3G version anyway, though, because I'm not gonna want to spend the extra money on it. I'm not usually playing PSP out and about myself, so I'll be around a Wifi hotspot (my home router) most of the time I'm using it.

damnyouretall2711d ago

yeah i agree. 3G is kinda slow compared to my wifi anyways.

blumatt2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Yeah, honestly, if they're going to be allowing online multiplayer through the 3G (not just buying games or browsing the store/apps), I'd rather see a 4G/LTE antenna put into the PSP2, so the speeds are reliable.

Of course, that would jack up the price even higher.

Still, I'm glad Activision is bringing Call of Duty for the PSP2. Imagine people playing online CoD just sitting at places like WalMart or something and yelling through the built-in microphone at other people. haha

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