LA Noire is charged with Murder

SG: Your Honor. Jury. I stand before you today to provide testimony on LA Noire. I’m sure you’ve all gotten to know her quite a bit. The way she moves. How she looks at you. All mesmerizing. This is all a farce! I’m standing here today to lay out the truth. LA Noire is guilty of murder in the first degree! The victim? IMMERSION! The account is as follows…

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CNXN2707d ago

People need to stop complaing its a good game. If its so damn bad why dont you make your own game, murder my ass!

DUNCAN10922707d ago

I have LA Noire and am I have been playing it to death and have had no problems with it at all, PS3 fans find sumthing else to do while psn is down cos we're too busy playing online lmfao

Klaykid1232707d ago

Hey idiot, PSN has been online for days now.