1UP Reviews Castlevania PSP: 8/10

As the list of legendary untranslated Japanese games grows steadily shorter, the ones that actually uphold their reputation seem few and far between. Rondo definitely lives up to its billing. It's the midpoint between Castlevania III and Symphony of the Night, and no one should miss the chance to experience this long-coveted classic.

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MK_Red4013d ago

WTF!? First R&C, then Jericho and now this?

Don't they know that both CastleVania games in the package are considered the best in the series and along with the originals, we have remake of Symphony with the superb music (Seriously awesome one) and other great stuff?
This is seriously anti-PSP.

jackdoe4013d ago

Well, an 8 is understandable for a game like this. They kept the same mechanics from the original version, just improved the graphics. I am still gonna get this game when I get a PSP though. Dracula X remake, Dracula X orignal, and Symphony of the Night all in one package is too good of a value to pass up. That and the updated translationa and VA for Symphony of the Night makes it even more appealing.

Maddens Raiders4013d ago

Maybe reviewers are seeing the games (this Fall) for what they really are ((games)) and not Rembrandts and Picassos. PSP is truly an underrated little machine that shines when it's strengths are on display.