DailyJoypad Review: No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

DailyJoypad's Daniel writes:

"Guess what time it is? Yep, it’s that time where I begin a review with a confession! No, it’s not a terrible joke, I really do have another confession to make in regards to one of the games I’ve just reviewed. This time on “Confessions of a Gamer”, I must confess that I’ve not played the original No More Heroes on Wii for any longer than twenty minutes. And whilst we’re here, I’ve not played any other Suda 51 game ever; despite meeting the man in person a few months back. What I did play of the original No More Heroes title just didn’t grab me and, even for the Wii, I couldn’t help but think the graphics were awful. It may surprise you to know that when the opportunity to review this remastered PlayStation 3 exclusive version came up, I jumped at it. I had wanted to give the game a second chance for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. So has No More Heroes Heroes’ Paradise changed my opinion of the original?"

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fossilfern2799d ago

Cant wait to pick this up. Glad I never played it on the Wii