20 Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: There appears to be a fairly decent quality video showing off over twenty minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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Foxgod3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

The only SE games that dont look boring these days, are the ones from Eidos.
Type-0 doesnt even look or feel like an RPG.
SE made themselves big in the past with games like Chrono trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 6/7, Xenogears...

And they have been slowly digging their grave ever since they decided after Final Fantasy 7, that things needed a different course.

Who the heck goes on a different course during their prime?
Square did.

stealth500k3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

You sound butthurt

blitz06233528d ago


I'd agree with half of what you said. I personally think SE's best days were until FFXII, maybe to some FFX. Their demise started during this generation, when they started releasing numerous new IPs that really never impressed - Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant,etc. Then they try to salvage their reputation by hyping the hell out of FFXIII only to disappoint their fans even more.

Oh and Type-0 looks alright. Quit hatin'

Foxgod3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Got plenty of other games to play.
Most people who played Square games in the past think that SE stinks.

You can disagree, but its a fact that SE sucks.
The art they produce is so bland and generic these days, the story's are lame, the battle systems are lame, and the worlds they produce are anything but vibrant.
Theres nothing more stale then an SE game.

Butthurt, no, it only sucks that SE took a different course, and because of it will never be able to produce a decent sequel to games like Chrono trigger, mana, Final fantasy and xenogears.
They just dont have what it takes anymore.

stealth500k3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

you still sound butthurt

You really have no idea what your talking about. Its not even worth arguing. But I can list about a dozen square games this gen that were fantastic but you wouldnt listen

Redempteur3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

"fact that SE sucks"

i know you are on the internet ..but your opinion isn't the truth .

Please come back once you'll know how to talk ( it's an important skill it might just even help you IRL )

EDIT : english isn't my original language either .. and you again missed the point ..please don't miss-use the word "fact" when it is only your opinion and nothing else.

Inception3527d ago

I agreed that SE sucks, but their handheld games mostly great such as Tactics Ogre, Crisis Core, KH BBS, and so on. And Type-0 lookin great with some classic element like world map eksploration with airship and chocobo.

Btw this article is about Type-0, not SE. And i don't know why you spew some hate about this game when the game itself not released yet -_-

Foxgod3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Once i know how to talk?
Is that even proper grammar?
English isnt my native language either, but before you start saying people need to learn, make sure your standards are up to a certain level as well.

And its not just an opinion, anyone over 20 will say the same as i did, SE lost their mojo, they suck ass.

Pedantic913528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Lets say over at Gamefaqs.
And the only choices were:

"SE Rules !"


"SE Sucks !"

"SE Rules !" would most likely come out as the winner. But that's my opinion.

maddfoxx3528d ago

Their handheld games are always good. I always liked SE until this console gen came along. They really did mess up with FFXIII. What I want to know is. . . why does it take them soooo long just to make a game? Type-0 is a handheld game and its been in development just as long as VsXIII. It takes BioWare 3 years to roll out Mass Effect 2 and it offers more than FFXIII (developed for 5 years).

Foxgod3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

They are no longer a top developer, thats why it takes them so long, and why their games are boring and crippled.

Quite frankly, its an insult that fine crafted games from Eidos have to carry the name of SE.

Dues Ex, New tombraider, Hitman, Carmaggadon --------------------------> >>>> anyting from square.

maddfoxx3528d ago

Their games arent boring. I didnt think FFXIII was that great, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. If it didn't have Final Fantasy in the title then it wouldn't have been such a big let down.

Redempteur3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

it took so long because they have concepts( lot of them ) but don't devs them all at the same time .. for example Versus really picked momentum once FF13 was finished ..that's it .

When you're pourring rpg on psp, ds, ps3, 360 and wii , even if you have lot of projects , at most only a couple can progress fast. it is probable that the team behind dissidia duodecim went to support the type-0 team once they finished their project ..

That's how it works when you devellop multiple projects. no matter how much money you have , you cannot do everything at the same pace.

EDIT ( for maddfoxx):
the rpg side of square enix is doing : FF13 versus, FF13-2, FFtype -0 , kingdom hearts 3, kingdom hearts DDD..and i'm not counting the teams that are doing remakes ( tactical ogre, ff4 collections and the list goes on ) or the team doing iphone or wiiware, psn( ect ect ) games ...

in ALL SE ( not counting eidos ) it's 10 teams and only 4 of them have more than 60 people ..

You have to make choices .. ( and that's what they do ) .

In bioware case , that's still less projects... thay have 2 singles players games and a MMO ? bioware is only doing the dev work( last time i checked ) Square output 8 times that output in games ( not as big of course )and is doing publishing work in most cases and they even publish games they don't developp ( like dragon quest 9 ) or western games that don't get in japan otherwise ( lost wind for example ) .

maddfoxx3528d ago

That doesnt make sense to me. . . different teams are working on different games, so developing multiple games shouldn't impact time that much. Same with Bioware with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Bioware develops both of these, but they are is still able to pump out high quality games at a decent pace.

Foxgod3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

If thats true, then no wonder their games suck.
A good software house should always have a dedicated team to a project.
A game can only become good if you put the right people on them, and keep them on it, to ensure that a series keeps the feeling that drew in the fans in the past.

Its not efficient to just drag people from project to project and hammer them to complete something they are barely familiar with.

Imagine that Bioware would let the DA team work on Mass effect..........
It would become a mess, you dont put developers who like to create medieval games, on a sci fi game.

SE doesnt have a good direction anymore, their games are a mess, kinda like the Spiderman musical.
Its what happens when you dont manage your people properly on the software projects.

They are boring as hell, i enjoyed any Squaresoft game, until FF8 came out, most stuff they produced since then is junk, and doesnt hold a candle to games like Dues Ex, Mass effect, The witcher 2, Elder scrolls, and other games who deserve to be called an rpg.

If FF13 wasnt carrying the Final fantasy name, it would have bombed for sure after all the negative critics.
The name FF is what saved it.

Redempteur3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

your a hater .. or trolling ..
i dunno how you can compare Wrpgs and Jrpgs like that and not even understanding that they aren't the same thing ... sure your tastes have changed but that's not the jrpgs 'fault .

As i said above bioware is différent , in scale and in work ..each project have a team focuses on thinking or getting something that work AND THEN you add the support from another team afterwards .. or better 2 project for the same team ( FF13 - ff13 versus case ).in that case you can have several art and concept ready but not enough people to work on it , in that case one has to take priority .

Bioware have a team that does dragon age , and another that currently is working with mass effect ( And another with the star wars MMO but no matter). As with every studio working on more than one title , the team are formed and most of the time STAYs that way .

For example , if you take Kojima production , it is NOT the same team working on MGSRISNG and the one that worked on Peace walker but it is still ONE dev team inside konami that worked on 3 titles at a set point in time ( peace walker , rising and mgs3 3ds ). See ?
If you do more than that , you have to get people to work on it .. and that require even more people to suppervize everything and the cycle goes on. And if it does cannot be sure that you'll get the result you want.
So to prevent this to happen , even if you have more projects in the pipeline , you only work on some sets of titles , or ( exception but it happens ) you can create a small team to work on the basics at a slow pace.. and THEN when you have more ressources , your relocate your develloppement resources into helping afterwards . it can be done if you have a good game designer and you can delegate and communicate within the team without trouble. ( not everyone does this )

Anyway .. let's try to stop the explanations here , you're far from understanding how develloppers work when they have to make different things at once. Nobody can multitask toward the infinity especially if you want to release something one day and a decent quality.

and if you're reading this and asking ..why not create more studios ? that answer is what most of them do ( cost money and management place and time) , or they delegate IPs to external studios ( less money) . konami did it with castelvania , capcom did it with ( lot of titles ), square did it with dragon quest for example . EVEN Nintendo did it ( metroid OTHER M ) need to have money to fund the projects and people to suppervise the develloppement and again , it can get messy .In square case , they just can't get their MAIN FF titles get developped by someone else . And in KH case, i don't see how someone else will take the reign of this when it's already a joint effort with disney..

i hope my next post won't be as long

Squatch833528d ago

This reminds me of the look of Final Fantasy 8 for some reason. Could be OK.

Happythedog3528d ago

The gameplay made me forget every error SE has made. I can't believe the PSP can produce a game this good looking. It makes me want to support even there crappy games, Western dev could never come up with the speed and style that FF Type 0 has.

CrimsonSquall3527d ago

The graphics for this game are impressive, this is the stuff that usually comes out at the end of the life cycles of most gaming devices!