Errol's E3 Predictions

Grand Theft Auto 5, Xbox 720, and a whole lot more.

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Cardenjs3529d ago

GTA 5? who's gonna show it off? Rockstar isn't going to be there.

rabidpancakeburglar3529d ago

If you didn't check that out before you wrote the article then you should probably change the title to 'Errol's E3 Stab In The Dark'

fluffydelusions3529d ago

I thought Agent was being shown? At least that is what that spoiler said couple weeks ago...

Misterhbk3529d ago

New Console will blow peoples minds like the 3DS did. 360/PS3 Tech, but no price details or launch details will be given. We'll see lots of Mario, Zelda,and the usual guys show up for new 3DS and Wii games.

No Xbox 720, but a TON of kinect games will be debut and they'll be marketed towards the "core" gamers, but unless they use the real xbox controller no "core" gamer will care too much. They'll announce a new halo that will be the talk of the town. New features for Xbox Live Gold users.

they'll mention the PSN hack, but not a lot of time will be spent on it. They'll announce a slew of new games, with many of them being new IPs. We'll finally see some move only games, and we'll have a sorcery release date. the NGP will get a name, release date, and will be released first in the US (otherwise they wouldn't even both announcing this stuff in the states). We'll see a ton of games on release date for NGP, and Kevin Butler will be there.

iamnsuperman3529d ago

"I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft introduced it's new console" how many times does this appear in articles. Seriously think about it. It would be amazing if they did but think about it from a business stand point. If they are promoting Kinect and it is sell well why on earth would they hamper these sales and release a new console. They have spent a lot of money on advertising for the Kinect. This year will be Microsoft trying to convince the hardcore to get Kinect and then maybe next year a new console could be announced.

Cardenjs3529d ago

Microsoft has already said that they are working on a new Kinect, at least they waited till after they released a product to tell us it was going to be replaced.

conjurdevil3529d ago

Microsoft is really quiet for real.They have something up for sure.

metsgaming3529d ago

wouldn't be a huge surprising but would be interesting

Errol James3529d ago

I kind of hope they present a game that would get me on board with Kinect. I've yet to give it a try.

pepsilover_20073529d ago

i predict my mind being blown :)

Armadilo3529d ago

I actually think that Sony can win E3

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