Source: Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ to have “Factions”

Exclusive info from a source close to Bungie suggests that previous trademarks and rumours around their new project are not unsubstantiated.

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ThrazN73530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

can't wait for E3 not sure which conference bungie will announce their game but it's great to see them trying something new.

i want to clarify two things(not from article but to you guys) activision is not in total control of bungie just helping them financially and publishing so no worry's of them having the same fate as infinity ward,bizarre,and tonyhawk n gutar hero studios. secondly bungie may not be making halo anymore but 343 has a lot of guy from the original halo's (not reach or odst) who helped set up the Microsoft owned studio.

Tony-Red-Grave3530d ago

well from what im hearing this game seems to sound like MAG and honestly thats good, the MMOS market inst very big on consoles and id love to see games like this being developed in the future since they really are fun as hell ^_^.

MAG itself was a vbery well spenbt purchase and like i said i want to see what a quality dev like bungie can do wit such a focus on online, that is if it is a MMOFPS

Veni Vidi Vici3530d ago

LOL...I was thinking something VERY similar. The first thing I see whenever I see that logo (which I've seen in many articles now)is a vagina.

Tony-Red-Grave3530d ago

lol i just started really looking at it XD.

sadly i got some stealth disagrees for wanting to see the MMOFPS market grow with quality devs supporting it.

if its fanboys that disagreed i'll break it down for you in the most simplest form. "MAG is great,the ps3 is awesome,zipper inc did a great job,i want to see more games like this,bungie is good,hope they pusy the market,trolling is bad,opinions rule, if you want to agrue feel free to PM and as always have nice day"

ginsunuva3530d ago

Will it be like Planetside?

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