Dalealstick: Dead Nation Review. "Welcome Back" pack Guide.

We are reviewing Dead Nation so PS3 players have it easier to decide if they choose this game from the "Welcome Back" pack or not

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Hellsvacancy3527d ago

Its a fun game to Platinum with a friend

Lirky3527d ago

I regret buying deadnation for 14.99 , if i waited i could of gotten it free. Deadnation is ok but theres no replay value plus the game is too dark it gets repeatative too.

Balflear873527d ago

I agree with you in that of this game being a little repetitive, still fun to me though

Falaut3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I was really interested in the game before release and I simply had no money plus too much of a backlog to warrant the purchase. Free? Hell yeah! This plus Stardust HD or whatever its called.

and UNDER SIEGE!!!!!! with the discount.

I'm actually more looking forward to the discounted UNDER SIEGE than anything else.

T-K47x3527d ago

They need to do some dlc for this game, its been out since November and after you complete it there really isn't much to do.

Balflear873527d ago

I bet they will do it, SuperStardust HD got some late DLC

ThanatosDMC3527d ago

Those Cutters or whatever those giant monster dual sword-armed weilding zombies are called... i hate them!

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