Sony Playstation Network Hack - Final Thoughts

SegmentNext - "Who is to blame for Sony's Playstation Network Hack ? Is welcome back package enough for people who suffered monitory losses and identity theft ? Is Reimbursing US PSN users enough ? what about the rest of PSN users from the rest of the World ? We answer every question and conclude the debate in this opinion piece".

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subtenko3533d ago

My final thoughts are I stopped reading articles about PSN (other than rewards) because its all BS that gets posted TOO MUCH.

pixelsword3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I don't have any qualms against this site, so I'm not directing what I'm about to say towards them directly; but please: give it a rest. Instead of talking about things like this, how about talking about things people haven't heard about, like any new things that have happened since the PSN came back on.