Psychonauts Sequel Rumors Shot Down

An image on developer Double Fine's website has led to rampant speculation that the studio is working on a follow-up to the cult hit Psychonauts - but CEO Tim Schafer tells Next-Gen it's a misinterpretation.

In an e-mail to Next-Gen, Schafer rained on everybody's parade, explaining, "Man, who knew how much excitement a little darkness could bring? The truth is we are just putting together a new page about 'The Excellent Game Psychonauts.' We're not announcing any new games or anything. Sorry if we confused anybody! We lightened up the image to hopefully make things clearer."

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TheBigL053R4110d ago


Psychonauts was an awesome game!

MK_Red4110d ago

Why!!?? NOOO.
Can't they just remake the original for PS3 and 360? I still hope and pray that they make the sequel one day (With a grown up Ras or something.)

predator4110d ago

im not buying, they were testing the waters to see what kind of reception they would get, i still think something will happen

Panthers4110d ago

thats prolly ture. I wish they would remake the first cause i never played it.

WilliamRLBaker4110d ago

find the game for xbox and ps2 for sale at places, and the ps3 plays backwards compat and so does the 360.

WilliamRLBaker4110d ago

*cries* NOOOOO please!!! ill do any thing for a psychonauts sequal!!!

Covenant4110d ago

Gorram it.

Okay, memo to Schafer: If Okami can find much-deserved new life on the Wii, then why can't we have a port of Psychonauts--with HD graphics--for the 360?


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